Before now, the name called to mind the failures of the old Galactic Empire to subjugate the natives and seize control of the planet. But now, following the First Order's successful conquest of the planet and the surrounding sectors, the name has been redeemed. With the Thakwaash now subjugated and docile, the planet is ripe for colonization and settlement. We spoke to the First Order Colony & Settlement office for some tips on how to make the most of your settlement experience. Citizens wishing to settle on Thakwaa should speak with an official at the FOC&S office to obtain a permit and homesteading application, but here are a few Do's & Don't's for your consideration:
  • Visit the First Order Colony & Settlement Office to obtain a homesteading permit
  • File your homesteading claim with the authorities on Thakwaa to stake your claim
  • Request financing on your prefabricated home and arrange delivery prior to making the trip
  • Bring or purchase preserved food to last until your sustenance farm is up and running
  • Bring a weapon to protect yourself and your family -- just in case
  • Get to know your neighbors -- there is safety in numbers
  • Go directly to Thakwaa without a homesteading permit -- land will only be available to those with permits
  • Skip the orientation upon arrival on Thakwaa -- this is useful information for any homesteader
  • Arrive without food stores -- upon initial colonization, mercantile facilities will be limited
  • Arrive unarmed -- though the Thakwaash have been subjugated, the planet has extensive wildlife
  • Attempt to claim more than your apportioned land. Homesteading permits will be strictly enforced
  • Disobey instructions from First Order officials and police forces


Behind the Supreme Commander, perhaps the most public face in the First Order military, among First Order elites and soldiers alike, is that of General Ludolf Vaas. He has been described by members of the military establishment as a dedicated officer, whose loyalty and drive for the First Order is beyond question. Those who have served under him label General Vaas "tough as durasteel, but as fair as you like." A fellow officer describes him as "the first in, the last out, and among the bravest soldiers I have had the good fortune to know."
Across the capital, at the Palace, members of the Supreme Leader's government tell a similar story. Sioux Chambers, who has known Vaas since the Skye campaign, took some persuading to comment on the the record, but when she did, called General Vaas "competent -- no further comments."
Ms. Chambers' superior, Moff Fortan, was more fulsome in her praise. "General Vaas is without question the exemplar of what the First Order is, and what the First Order means. Among his admirable attributes -- of which there are too many to name them all -- are not only loyalty and obedience to the Supreme Leader, but a certain strength of character that makes him uniquely qualified to lead not just the men under his command, but to be a leader of our entire nation. Ludolf -- General Vaas, excuse me -- has the type of character that comes by maybe once or twice in a generation, if that. His leadership is by order as well as by example, and we are exceptionally lucky that he has placed himself and the tools and talents he possesses at the disposal of the Supreme Leader. We are all -- each one of us, and some more than others -- benefactors of this leadership." The Moff pauses, suddenly thoughtful. "Perhaps I more than anyone; he saved my life not once, not twice, but on at least three separate occasions."
But what of the man himself? DISPATCH has been granted exclusive access to General Vaas' office and a sit-down with the General, where we asked him about himself, his history, his philosophy on the First Order, what he looks for in his troops, and more.

Q: General Vaas, thank you for taking the time. You are the First Order's ranking military officer, behind Supreme Commander Kalast. Is leadership something you've always aspired to, or is your position a matter of circumstance rather than personal ambition?
A: "In everything I have done, I have always sought to advance the interests of humanity and preserve the spirit of the ancient Empire. I initially came to the First Order seeking little more than political asylum from the One Sith, in hopes of starting something greater. Fortunately, the First Order is a society which rewards diligence, competence and high aspirations greatly, and I soon found myself in a leadership role. Leading a society like the First Order was not always something I had planned, but rather something that grew organically after the experience of working under many other governments in the galaxy and finding myself ultimately disillusioned with either the incompetence or the corruption."

Q: When you're looking for candidates for promotion, what traits and skills stand out for you in an officer of the First Order?
A: "I have no need for "fearless" men. A man without fear is a man without respect for his enemy's capabilities, and that is a man who will underestimate his enemy. That being said, being too slow and pensive is also a terrible disease I see too often in the officer corps of many other armies. I value men who are calculated risk-takers. Men who do not shy away from risk are the ones who win battles.
Q: Can you describe the First Order's philosophy? Its ethos? What sets the First Order apart from, say, the Sith Triumvirate, or the One Sith?
A: "The First Order is not merely a religious cult, like the One Sith and the Sith Triumvirate. We too have embraced the pragmatism of Dark Side over the weak, unnatural teachings of the Jedi, but we are not guided by the same unprincipled, self-serving morals that sometimes haunt the ranks of the Sith. The First Order recognizes the individual as being part of something greater, as forming a symbiotic relationship with society. We are not merely interested in attaining power. We strive for something far greater - the preservation and advancement of the uniquely special Human High Culture within the galaxy, and the reconstitution of our rightful position as leaders and pioneers of the galaxy, that which our ancestors once assumed in the times of the great Galactic Empire."
Q: Public commentary to the press from the Palace often paints the Moff, Supreme Commander Kalast, and yourself as an integral team -- that there's a certain respect there that one doesn't often see in the upper echelons of this type of government. What are your thoughts on this portrayal? Is it accurate?
A: "I have known Supreme Commander Kalast and Moff Fortan since the beginning. Together, we were the driving force behind the creation of the First Order, and it is important that leaders like Kalast and Fortan have remained, so that our great vision does not waver or become diluted. They are the beating heart of the First Order."

Q: Last question, General: what would you say to the young First Order citizen -- say, just getting out of school and setting out in his or her first career -- about the benefits of serving under you in the First Order armed services?
A: "The military is simply the most attractive option for a citizen of the First Order who is looking for a rewarding career. The men of our Army and Navy enjoy privileges beyond that of normal citizenry, because of their greatly valued service to the First Order. They are well compensated, well treated, and well educated. Men want to join the First Order military out of loyalty to our cause, but also as a way to advance in society. I believe we have done a good job of instilling a sense of martial culture in our society. We've placed the soldier at the center of our way of life, because without the soldier, nothing else that is great about our society would be possible. "


As the First Order moves to solidify its control in the Anoat sector, representatives from the First Order and planets in and around the Anoat sector are meeting at Bespin to discuss the future of the system. Rumors around the Foreign Office suggest that the Supreme Leader himself will be making an appearance at the summit with a potentially game-changing announcement regarding the future of the First Order. While Dispatch hasn't received any confirmation, activity among the establishment at the Foreign Office suggests that the announcement will deal heavily with the First Order's expansionary plans or the Moff in command at the Foreign Office, Natasi Fortan.
Pursuant to the Anoat Sector expansion, the Foreign Office is also planning a colonization and settlement campaign for the planets at issue. Citizens are encouraged to keep a close eye on bulletins from the First Order Colonization & Settlement Office, which will announce when the subjugation of the planets at issue is settled and homesteading permits are available. Permits will be available on a first-come, first-served basis upon the announcement. Inquiries can be made electronically or in person at the appropriate offices.
At a recent fundraising dinner, Moff Natasi Fortan discussed religious persecution of Equilibriates on Bakura: "Of course it troubles me enormously. When there is an attack on an Equilibriate temple, or an Equilibriate-owned shop, even on Bakura so far from our homes, it is an attack on the personal freedoms that all people should enjoy. That I am an Equilibriate myself may make me more attuned to this particular threat, but I feel the same way about any other religiously-motivated threats or attacks. We will be monitoring the situation on Bakura and I am considering leading a diplomatic mission to Bakura to see what relief we can offer, if any, to the Bakuran government in their efforts to safeguard civil liberties for all." When asked if the First Order was contemplating military action in defense of the liberties of which she spoke, Moff Fortan had no further comment.