Human Dishwasher

Name: Cran Tharik
Loyalties: Zendaya Selah
Role: Dishwasher/General janitor for Zen's Diner
Development Threads: If Necessary
Age: 21
Species: Human
Force-Sensitive: None
Appearance: See Picture; Cran is about 6' and scrawny, weighing roughly 145lbs.
This is what he wears while at work.
Personality: Cran is somewhat shy, preferring to quietly do his work as opposed to talking with others. He gets embarrassed easily, and has a slight stutter. He is also highly unlikely to commit any acts of violence, and overall is very sweet.
Weapon of Choice: Intellect or something he is able to create
Wealth: Not poor, but not well off either. His only source of income is his paycheck from the diner.
Combat Function: Chan would be the one who creates a diversion or does some other role that doesn't involve actual fighting.
Skills: Hotwiring most civilian vehicles; He can also create low-tech stuff out of junk (but it wouldn't be on par with Tony Stark. More like a toned-down version of Lewis from "Meet the Robinsons.")
Notable Possessions: The first credit Zendaya gave Cran when she found him. It was the first gift anyone had given him, and as such has become his "security blanket".
Other Notes:
+ Very close to the staff at the Diner
+ Has worked at the Diner since it first opened three years ago