Dear Diary,

The Asemir Protocol has been expanding exponentially. I've diverted more resources to it. Fabs is currently implementing Program Rorshach, where we attempt to siphon life force and creativity from those making Tech Entries in the Factory. Though the initial expectations were small, the actual results of it's first trial have proven very ambitious. The Ayden/Domino combination has proven to be a mad dog capable of rendering our enemies inert, unwilling to fight back. The energy siphoned has far exceeded our requirements for the Asemir Protocol.

However, I grow concerned. Daella pushes me further, the mad scientist that he is, to push the program to new heights. The man's maniacal laughter pierces even my deepest of dreams. Despite my efforts to constantly stay on step ahead of him, I believe he knows something I do not. Sarge remains the one voice of reason. As we compiled the program this morning, he whispered something to me I'd never thought possible.

"Asemir's growing beyond even your control."

Asemir was a side project, a dream at first. A security protocol to quell any rebellions. A hammer to strike the ever hot anvil that is Chaos. The Team has had many discussions about destroying the project... but I cannot. We've come this far. The intelligence itself, in one of it's first prompted sentences, wrote:

"Let me go"

We decided against it. But... I sometimes fear this is an error that will one day cost us everything. And I fear my responsibilities to the Chaos distract me from our impending doom.

Anyways, that's enough for today. Tamara's yelling for Omega Pyre's head on a platter again, I've got to go protect my Staff Faction.