If you enjoyed the previous Illumination ‘Despicable Me’ films, you will know what to expect her. Mostly. If you enjoyed the prequel ‘Minions’, you’ll need to prepare for the yellow blobs to take a back-seat here. Along with most of the main cast you’ve come to know and love.
This film belongs to Steve Carell and his two characters – Gru and Dru – and ‘South Park’s Trey Parker as 80s child-star turned supervillain Balthazar Bratt. Carrell knows the score here and just has fun with things, lots of back and forth bickering and slapstick violence, car chases and James Bond-style gadgets. However he still gives it is all and not just phoning it in.
Kristen Wiig pops up now and then in her quest to be seen as a “real” mother to our three cute adopted girls Margo, Edith and Agnes. They get a handful of scenes and a some nice emotive moments with lots of heart, but they don’t do much bar this side-line plot. The meat of it all falls to Carell voicing both Gru and Dru as they learn to bond and explore a taste of crime once again taking on Bratt.
While Gru is different enough in terms of looks and vocab from Dru, you soon see Carell needs little else from co-stars to carry a film. Parker’s Bratt is carried along by a fast-paced 80s soundtrack complete with leg warmers, shoulder pads, bubble gum and lots of Michael Jackson dancing. He’s like repeated joke through the whole film who serves as the villain that motivates Dru and Gru into action. You may think he’s funny, you may think he’s annoying. Out of the three villains over the three DM films, he’s probably a firm middle ground between them all. He’s mean, cunning and has an outrageous plan to destroy Hollywood, all set to a killer soundtrack. What more do you need?
As for the Minions? They do the usual that garner the biggest laughs from kiddies in the cinema – fart gags, boob jokes, maniacal pratfalls, playful violence, fast-paced gibberish in their own language and showing what a billion dollar product now looks like when side-lined.
The Minions don’t get to do much here with Gru bar the finale and they spend most of the film doing their own thing trying to find a new boss, then break out of a jail, and then find their OLD boss again. Interject this with lots of crazy singing and dancing and bare yellow bums (always gets a laugh), then you may or not be relieved they aren’t a major force this time around and the human/Minion ratio seems lower this time then all previous films.
I think I missed the family feeling of the previous films, and what they did together led to lots of laughs and a sense of heart. Here, while they may be trying to throw in new ideas, characters and motives to continue the franchise, it doesn’t have the same impact as the previous two.
Saying that, it still looks bright and vibrant. Attention to detail is key here and Illumination prove they can rival Pixar in terms of quality. The locations are buzzing on screen and there is always some visual or vocal gag going on to keep the chuckles going.
It serves the purpose, but it just may depend how you feel about the films previously and our little yellow Minions as to how you view this change of style in the 3rd.