As of Star Date 850 ABY
The Empire of Kesh and all affiliated organizations declare active hostilities towards the CIS and all names affiliated with it. This declaration has a few simple meanings.
No CIS connected companies or individuals will be allowed transport through Keshiri Space.
Any trade heading for CIS worlds will be taxed heavily and are subject to searches on the whim of Keshiri defense authorities.
CIS personnel are restricted from approaching the world of Ryloth, which remains under the protection of the Collective and the Empire of Kesh currently.
Those who break any of the formerly mentioned points will be fired upon without warning and be taken as an act of war towards Kesh and The Collective/
This Announcement is public and widespread through the Holonet, thus making this common knowledge. The excuse of ignorance will not be accepted and will be treated as an act of attempted espionage.
To all operatives active above or on protected worlds of the Collective and the Empire of Kesh, you are given one week to leave or be subject to termination.