Pre-Reaper Company Timeline​
"Maiden!" called out one of the space station attendants.
Iron Maiden, turned her head to face the wrinkled up old mechanic. "What is it Tango." Maiden growled calling the mechanic by his old Republic Armed Forces Technocrat name. Tango glared at Maiden from behind the layers of skin that rolled under his eye-lids.
"That heap of junk you call transport is barely running what did you do to that thing?" Tango retorted waving a sonic-wrench in his hands. Maiden let a thin plume of Kessel Light cigarette smoke slither from her pursed lips. "Ran it through a pirate blockade out by far rim." Maiden nonchalantly joked.
Tango sighed and rubbed his eyes. "Mother of the force Maiden. Just like in the 'Public" he scolded in his clear Tattoine drawl. "Never any respect for the hardware." Maiden smiled and completely turned around to face her old friend tapping him on the shoulder and strolling to the wrecked transport. "That's because you make them tough Tango. Can't recall how many times I used one of your dropship to fly through a Sith Artillery shelling."
"And here you are building and manufacturing for the Hutts." Maiden chuckled. "Wasted I'd say."
​Tango gargled a heavy cackle. "That's rich coming from a Demon Dog." Maiden raised an eyebrow and shot Tango an annoyed look. "Don't look at me like that. You know exactly what I mean. Whatever happened to the honor bound Major Vasiniya of the [background=39th Koros Major Battalion[background=, not this cruel and unusual Iron Maiden you have become."[/b]
[background=Maiden said nothing and only started into the grey bleak steel of the hangar floor. Tango continued his unwanted probe into the past. [b]"Whatever happened to that wonderful woman."

"She died Tango." Maiden hissed, "Along with most of the 39th and the Republic I once believed in."
Tango stopped and sighed a stressed exhale before returning to the tuning of a mechanical compartment of the transport. "It's never too late to return to that woman."
"No. It is." Maiden shook her head. "I'm too deep in blood Tango. I'm a Demon Dog now."
Tango whistled a tune, "Heh, well then that makes me a Demon's Uncle eh?"