A black background appeared on every unsecured Holonet capable device for a moment, as a man in a long hooded cloak with a helmet on his head. The robe was dark green.


"I am Archer, Leader of the Thieves Guild. To the Galaxy I make this announcement. If you are corrupt, and endanger the innocent consider yourselves on notice."

"To Slavers that don't take good care of their slaves and torture them for kicks, and make them miserable consider yourselves on notice."

"To those who hurt others, consider yourselves on notice. "

"The Thieves Guild will not tolerate such abuses of status or power any longer. Change your ways, or suffer the consequences. Should you hurt the poor, the innocent, the widows, the young children or the like, you will attract the ire of the Thieves Guild. You've been warned. This is your first and only warning. Make reparations or there will be consequences. "

The message then vanished and their regularly scheduled programming resumed.