Date : 3.17.864 ABY
Published by the Office of Diplomatic & Galactic Affairs
Given Permission to Publish by his grace, Lord Protector Kelvin Corriss of Andelm

- The Protectorate of Andelm -

| - Declaration of Sovereignty - |

Today, Upon this declaration, We, the Protectorate of Andelm, declare ourselves, a completely independent & sovereign entity. We hereby refuse all assistance from the Major Galactic Powers. We do not serve and will not serve the agendas of Galactic politicians. From this point onwards, the Andelm system will be under the sovereign rule of the Protectorate. We do as well, hereby declare, Kelvin Corriss, Lord Protector of Andelm IV, as our sovereign ruler and protector. We also dissolve all pre-existing pacts, deals, treaties, with the exception of the pacts and deals with the Pantoran Assembly. We hereby require all foreign travelers, diplomats, and military personnel to identify themselves within our space. All future alliances or trade offers may only be reviewed & accepted by the Lord Protector. All foreign citizens will require an entry permit to travel to the surface of Andelm IV. On the planet itself, all visitors may only stay within commercial sectors C1,C2, & C3 and in all of the lower residential districts. No foreigner is permitted entry into any government district unless given prior authority to do so by the Lord Protector or by the Andelm Assembly. All foreign embassies are located in Embassy Hall in Delm Centra, our capital city. Any foreign corporations who attempt to begin operations on Andelm IV, our moon, or on any of our outposts, will be forced to relinquish any property they have stolen and leave our space immediately. If these corporations do not accept, they will be met with force. All crime syndicates will face the same fate if any of their operations are found in our territory. We do, however, accept any refugees as long as they are civilian. We accept all kinds and all species here as we do not discriminate. All Force Wielders, whether they be Jedi, Sith, or otherwise, may only be granted access to enter our space & territory by the Lord Protector himself. Any former citizen of Andelm IV, may be regranted entry and full citizenship given they produce clear Identification and fill out a Form of Return. We, the Protectorate of Andelm, will never invade another foreign system or planet unless seriously provoked or given extreme reason to do so. We do declare, a policy of Non-Intervention with any major Galactic Affairs and any associated Galactic faction. Any foreign person who attempts to undermine our legal system shall be either banished under pain of death or immediately executed following a fair trial. Any foreign person found within our territory that has an invalid entry permit or was granted entry by anyone other than the Lord Protector will be given one day to exit our sovereign space. We do also, hereby refuse any aid given by the major Galactic Powers, unless under extreme circumstances. Lastly, we hereby completely declare, that the Protectorate will remain a sovereign entity for perpetuity. Our divine sovereignty is not to bullied, threatened, or tampered with. From this point onwards in time, We are hereby a free and independent state. All those who do not recognize our sovereignty and independence will be deemed as Imperialist invaders and conquering warmongers. We, the sovereign Protectorate of Andelm, shall be treated with honor and respect, or else.

Signed by the following members of the ruling body and ratified by both the Andelm Assembly and the Protectorate Council

Dimitri Khersov, Minister of Planetary Infrastructure

Sol Arrax, Minister of Environmental Provision

Jakub Callium, Minister of Agricultural Provision

Jacen Coburn, Director of Orbital Security

Gar'lok Droba, Chancellor of the Andelm Assembly

Grand General Masimal Fischer, Supreme Commander of the Protectorate Security Force

Lord Admiral Nikolai Barum, Supreme Commander of the Protectorate Security Fleet

Jann Thelcar, Director of Internal Affairs & Minister of Information

Lord Commander Ryle Leason, Head of Andelm Planetary Security

Dash Miles, Head Commander of all Protectorate Outposts

Prince Albin Stronik of Vestar, The Hand of the Protector

Given full permission to be copied and sent by the Office of the Lord Protector.

Our Sovereign Ruler, our Lord Protector, gives the final authorization for the official completion of this declaration,

I, Kelvin Corriss, Lord Protector of Andelm IV, Lord of Darrek's Ridge & Barthenol, do hereby authorize the completion of this declaration, which entails the complete sovereignty of our glorious state, the Protectorate of Andelm.

May Andelm and its children stand strong, through all the nights to come.