"Resistance, Defiance, Rebellion...ideas that can no longer be allowed to persist."
Citizens of the Empire,
The Galaxy has been tattered by the flames of war for the past century. Empires, Orders, and Republics alike have ascended to conquer thousands of star systems only to be engulfed by deceit, rebellion, and conflict. The lamentable Galactic Alliance and their wretched Outer Rim Coalition believe that freedom is to be given rather than earned, they sow the seed of anarchy into the hyperlanes and allow the Sith to roam unperturbed. The bastions of Imperialism, which are far and few between, are the stalwart defenders of the denizens within their expanse
Resistance and rebellion, together we will burn these ideas away. The Alliance and their allies are seldom more than glorified terrorists whom wish to force others to answer to them. We must be swift, for until we have retaken all worlds and exterminated these apostates, we have failed our ancestors. But we must first ask ourselves; Why do we remain a Remnant? For what are we a remnant of? While we will avenge the old Empire, we will not follow in their footsteps of failure.
Henceforth, for continuing stability in our territories, and in an effort to affirm our charge of bringing order to the Galaxy: The Imperial Remnant will be reorganized into the third GALACTIC EMPIRE! We will avenge the Emperor, and after eight hundred years of war, plague, and insurrection...
...we will have peace...
Holonet Transmission sent from the Imperial Capital
- Grand Moff Tanomas Graf