Name: Imperial Cold Weather Training Facility
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Classification: Army Base, Cold Weather Training Facility & Research Center
Location: Hoth. 40 km south of the northern pole. Mountain Terrain. 5000m AGL
Affiliation: First Order
Population: Total Population - 12000 Troops
Training Capacity: 4000-5000 - This is the billeting space designated for students.
Staff on Station: 4000 - This is the number of permanent staff assigned to duty at this facility.
Collateral: 1000 - Family and Dependents of Station Personnel
Starfighter Augment:
(24) 2 Squadrons of TIE/In Interceptors
(24) 2 Squadrons of TIE/LN Starfighters
(16) 2 Squadron of TIE Shuttles


  • Billeting facilities to support 12000+ training personnel

  • Chowhall to support permanent and training personnel

  • Hospital, Branch Clinic

  • Fire Department/EMS ambulances

  • Classrooms and base theater

  • Stables and Pack Animals (Tauntauns)

  • Specialized technical mountaineering and ski equipment

  • Modern Range Operations Center

  • Multiple small arms ranges

  • Multiple rock climbing training areas

  • Multiple stream crossing sites

  • Ski Lift

  • Avalanche training site

  • Combat Operations Center

  • Post Exchange, Morale Center, Fitness Center and Rock Training/Climbing wall

  • Family Housing for Permanent personnel (Located beneath the facility.)
Training Courses Offered:

  • Mountain / Cold Weather Pre-Environmental Training

  • Mountain / Winter Operations Staff Planning Course

  • Tactical Rope Suspension Techniques (TRST) Course

  • Mountain / Cold Weather Scout Sniper Course

  • Assault Climber Course

  • Scout Skier Course

  • Mountain / Cold Weather Survival Course

  • Mountain / Cold Weather Medicine Course

  • OSV (Over the Snow Vehicle) / rough terrain driver training

  • Animal Packing Course

  • Mountain Warfare Instructor Qualification Courses

  • Special Operation Forces (SOF) Horsemanship Course
Many courses require successful completion of the Mountain Endurance Test on Training Day 1 which consists of a 5-mile ruck run with 50 lb pack in 75 min or less wearing the standard cold weather camouflage uniform and boots followed immediately by at least 10 pull ups and then directly into a 30-foot rope climb.
Upper Facility (Main)
Bp.X Turret Hubs: 10 x around upper facility. (Canon tech, constructed in a height tiered platform to allow crossing fields of fire, reducing any dead zones encountered by close proximity of turrets.)
Bp.2 Anti-infantry Turrets - 8​
Bp.4 Anti-vehicle Turrets - 4​
Bp.5 Anti-aircraft Turrets -4​
XX-10 Turbolaser Towers: 10 x forming an ellipse around the main facility at the peak of the mountain.​
Theater Shield: Protects from Orbital Bombardment only.​
Lower Facility (Base Camp Zero)
Bp.X Turret Hubs: 4 x One on each corner of facility.​
AT-ST x 15​
AT-AT x 2​
Stormtrooper Garrison (400) x 1​

Points of Interest:
Flight Deck: The Flight deck has been constructed as both a staging area for deployment and embarkation as well as research and development testing. For example, troops designated to deploy to the various training regions will stage here prior to boarding and embarkation on TIE Shuttles. The flight deck extends out of the facility but there is also an interior hangar before reaching the exposed flight deck. An internal heating apparatus is used to prevent ice buildup but sometimes requires manual tending in which case troopers will manually remove ice buildup.​
Vehicle and Starship Repair/ Maintenance Hangar: Located on the interior of the facility a large hangar with massive elevators and floor-space takes up a large portion of the structure. These elevators lead down to the research facility deep inside the mountain as well as up to the flight deck and is primarily how starships are transported up to the deck and back to the hangar. Leading from this typical hangar area are large blast doors which allow access to an outer ledge platform where the giant ski-lift to the base of the mountains is operated, the large machinery allowing 4 massive cabled lines to propel the lifts. These are large enough to transport 75-100 fully armed troopers at a time if filled to capacity. In addition to troopers, this is also another way to transport training equipment and essential supplies to varying training sites.​
Ski Lift: The Ski Lift begins at the base of the giant mountains where there is a small bivouac area. This is one way to traverse the dangerous slopes leading up to the main bulk of the base. This is not however a one stop shop, there are three smaller stations on the way up to the top. These act as ski training drop off points as well as small defense garrisons for protection against any ground assault or attempt at using the Ski Lift in the event of an attack of the facility. Listed in height below are the 5 total destinations connected by the Ski Lift.​
1. Cold Weather Training Facility - 5000 m AGL​
- 500m​
2. Underground Research Facility - 4500m AGL​
3. Bivouac One, Rock Climbing/Mountain Survival Level - 3500m AGL​
4. Bivouac Two, Winter Survival/ Avalanche Survival Level - 1500m AGL​
5. Base Camp Zero (Base Level, Winter Survival & Majority of training conducted at this level)​
Research Facility: This research facility's primary function is creating troop enhancing gear for inclement conditions. As such the labs are primarily smaller only boasting two medium size additions but no room for larger development. In addition, this base is not equipped with anything more than a miniature production facility so anything produced here will have to be put in full production elsewhere.​
Bivouac Sites: Along the long traverse of the ski lift are two key bivouac sites, One and Two. At each of these sites, a full platoon of stormtroopers is garrisoned as 1. Security against any sort of attack on the facility attempted by means of the ski lift. In addition at each small checkpoint facility are housed rotating crews of training staff to assist in the particular training performed at each level.​
Base Camp Zero: Base Camp Zero is the small facility at the base of the mountain where the majority of the training takes place as well as the the 'gateway' to the facility. Unless the weather permits for shuttle transport at the high altitude and windy skies at the actual facility, this is the only other sane way to reach the facility. As such, it has its own defense perimeter and high wall. These walls are always manned. Atop the wall there are several EWEB emplacements as well as two larger anti-vehicle turrets just outside the gate, operated from the control tower. At this location there is also a small storage facility, utilized for equipment and supply storage. This is the typical method of delivering supplies to and from the base at the peak of the mountain.​

Description: The Decima Cold Weather Training & Research Facility was created in a remote location near the northern pole of Hoth. Build atop and deep inside of a mountain the main bulk of the operational base is buried deep in the mountain beneath the large structure on top. Featuring over 50 levels below the main structure, this facility is a dual purpose base. The uppermost section is devoted to training and development testing and consists of classrooms, supply caches, a hangar, flight deck, and administrative offices. Below this lies billeting for both troops attending training courses and permanent staff, though married staff who may want their spouses and/or children on site with them are able to relocate them to the "Family" billeting even further below soldier billeting.
The base was constructed in a very vertical fashion, various functions being spread out across several sites connected to the main facility by way of 4 large ski-lifts. The base serves as a cold/extreme weather training facility for troops about to deploy to less than hospitable arctic worlds. Training at this facility focus around enduring and thriving in less than hospitable and sub-zero temperatures. Topics covered range from Survival and First Aid to Deployment and Strategy when faced with cold weather climates.
In addition to the training in both cold weather warfare and assault climber's course, there are research labs located on the lowest levels of the peak facility. These labs are primarily used for researching new troop enhancing technology such as advanced polymers and technology to enhance the survivability and provide performance enhancing technology research to the First Order.
Aside from the primary facility located at the peak, the main staging area is located at the base of the mountain at "Base Camp One". This operates less as a base and more of a garrison, billeting 400 troops at max capacity. There is a small mech facility housing the 15 AT-ST's and 2 AT-AT's. In addition to this, there are numerous warehouses used to both hold troops as extra/training billeting as well as storage for training equipment and supplies.
History: Established shortly after the resistance was forcefully rooted out of the caves and stomped out. It was created after the need for a remote research facility and Cold Weather Training Facility was addressed. Hoth was the perfect place for such a base, remote enough to be mostly overlooked and cold enough to provide a significant planet to place a cold weather training facility.
Intent: To create a Cold Weather Training Facility and Research Facility on the planet Hoth under the First Order's control.
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