Dear Marinus,
I’m writing you this letter from the future, because there’s a lot you need to know. I know how much you are looking for anything positive to look forward to and you have no idea how many amazing things are waiting for you.
Going to high school wasn’t quite the reset button you were hoping for. Instead of having at least a few friends while the rest mostly let you be, now you have no friends and have become the outcast. The target. The weird kid. You’re made fun of because you didn’t buy Beats headphones but a pair that was actually worthy of its price tag, because your hobbies got you branded as a loser (Just wait until those hobbies suddenly become cool), because the music you listen to isn’t the stuff you hear on the radio. Your birthmark has gotten you demeaning nicknames they use behind your back.
Right now, all you have are the video games you play and the Dane and the Brit you play them with over the internet. Don’t worry, you’ll get to meet some amazing people over the internet and the video games are here to stay, but everything else is going to change. For the better. You’re in denial right now, but you’ll return to League of Legends and you’re not going to quit playing again. That one week was a bad first impression but once you try out ADC you will be hooked.
Once you finish up high school (And although you’ll be afraid you’re not going to make it at times, you’re not failing a single year) the two single best years of your life will be right at your doorstep. You’ll get to meet people from countries all over the world, befriend them and yes, they will be real-life friends. Cherish those years, because they will be over before you know it. Not that you’ll be going back to an awful life, but in that time you will learn a lot about yourself and who you are.
You’re a kick-ass dude who refuses to do anything about the ‘weakness’ that was being yourself with no compromise during high school. Once you get to look back on it you will realize it’s something to be incredibly proud of. I know you’re wishing you could be like everyone else so they will finally accept you, but in the end you’ll be happy you weren’t. Yes, you’re weird and that’s exactly what makes you cool. You’ll understand one day.
You’ll pick up that weird card game your cousin has called Magic. It’s going to cost you a lot of money, but it’ll be worth it. It’s going to one of your favorite things to do. Your music taste will remain where it is now, but once the rest of the world catches up you’ll be sharing the hottest electronic music with your friends and they will love it. Yes, you’ll have friends. That’s not a joke.
There is so much more to tell you, but those things you will have to experience when they happen. They are learning experiences. You will have never asked for them, nor are they your fault, but you’re going to have to come out the other side stronger. And you will. You may feel weak and unimportant, but you’re one resilient motherf-
Right. I probably shouldn’t swear in a letter addressed to someone who’s 13. All I want to tell you is you got this, keep on keeping on like I know you will. It gets better.
Oh, and Da_3p1c_0n3 is a terrible gamertag. Try out R4v3rguy until you come up with a better one. Maybe something with ‘ghost’ in it?
The kindest of regards,