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*sigh* Okay, I'm sorry I brought you here on such short notice. But we need to talk, it's about our relationship and the fears I have for it. Now I know my heart you aren't a bad site, you have all these amazing features and additions that are just great and unlike any other website I've ever met before! And when I say I love it I really do mean that I love it! You are sick, a stunner, a real mean mugger. In other words you are the poodoo! But there's just a few things I need to talk to you about if we are going to continue our relationship and how we proceed from here.

When I first came to you I was a young frightened boy in a ocean of content that I didn't fully comprehend. There was just so much of you to explore and learn to love. I mean when I first learned to use the factory it was one of the happiest days I've had with you! I spent hours just making technology or building programs to create new characters! And those were the days, the days when I felt the most connected to you. I remember the day I made my first sub account, I was so excited I didn't know what to do! You were just so much fun and I just no lifed it for you. But then I joined a major faction...

Now I know what you are going to tell me, that "Aaron, you don't have to join a major faction. It's optional! Just stick to private threads." I'm sorry Chaos, I wish that was true. I really wish that was true. I want to talk about one of your flaws that just keeps bothering me. You are by nature a big game of risk between angry brooding neck beards who have hated each other with an undying passion. It's not an attractive feature but I've done my best to look past it. Let's say you have a new writer and he wants to do a thread on Naboo and kill a bunch of gungans. Now there's nothing wrong with wanting to kill gungans, but he does the thread and blows up something and kills a bunch of people. And now all of a sudden he's getting PMd by members of the faction who own the planet saying he can't do that, cause reasons. This I feel hinders others roleplays with popular planets that are owned by major factions. But in your defense, having this system of factions really brings out the WARS in Star Wars. I feel that you try to come off as this omnipotent site that can cater to all forms of Roleplaying when that's not really the case at all. I feel that you cater heavily towards factions and certain people. Which is another thing I want to talk to you about

Your obsession with people. No no no, not characters. People. I want to deny this chaos, I don't want to believe that you cater more towards other people than the average joe. But... *pauses and sighs* I know that you do. And that hurts me. Now I know I haven't had the best track record in the sanity department but I know this is true. Say if member X has been around the site for a while and has become a popular person with the community and introduces something into the factory or factions, you just immediately flock to him and coddle him throwing your undying support and metaphorical handy Js at him to feed an ego and problem that is one of your biggest ones. You don't care about the little guy who has to claw his way to get an idea noticed, you don't care about the average writer who has errors or can only stretch themselves too far. You care about those elite, that "it crowd" that has been walking around like big Ike on campus getting likes for every word and phrase they post. I hate that about you, I hate seeing good people go unnoticed or get pushed aside in a fight to stay relevant. You don't care if member Y throws out an idea for something new, but if member X throws out the same idea you throw them a god damn parade. And at times it can be really hard to watch

Don't get me wrong chaos, I could go on and on about your flaws and everything that's wrong with you. Hell I could go on about what makes you great, but sometimes I just feel that those many flaws start to damage the essence of what I think roleplay is. I think that roleplay should be telling a story, win or lose it's about the journey, not the destination. And I think somewhere along the way you forgot that. I'm not a saint Chaos, I'm not without my flaws. I've had moments where I have lost it, I've done things that I still regret to this day. And I'm sorry, I'm sorry that I wasn't as good to you as I should of been. I have admitted my faults chaos, my flaws and I'm at peace with them. I know you have all these people who fantasize over you and will defend you to all ends of the earth. But just once chaos, I want you to admit your flaws.

I think why I brought you here is to just sit you down and tell you these things. But before we finish this conversation I want to tell you one last thing. kark you, chaos. I love you, but kark you