Insert heart-pouring comments about the nature of a community's flaws while expressing regret and willingness for future change.

Insert opposite blog entry detailing faults in previously mentioned comments and detailing how much care is actually given to a community.

Then use a hashtag which is essentially not applicable to myself but makes my message seem stronger in reality.

Which one? #StartedFromTheBottom.

Tef, you're the admin of the whole board. Yes, you were one of us before. But you started here as the Founder of the Entire Board.

#StartedOnTheTop would make a lot more sense.

I, on the other hand, shall use the hashtag #StillAtTheBottom. Why? Suffice to say, a clique system we can't get rid of and shall always exist means my previous reputation as someone who jumps the proverbial gun on everything means I'm not exactly the most popular of people and probably will never be.

"Sweet character!"


"Who else do you play?"


"Oh. It's you."

Anyway, blogging about flaws dealing with the board that lets you have a blog to talk about that those flaws... is silliness.


P.S. #StillGettingBothOfMyMainCharactersInAPopularRadioDrama