I want to break down this blog post because I'm bored and because I think there's some serious misgivings provided by the post.

"Aaron, you don't have to join a major faction. It's optional! Just stick to private threads." I'm sorry Chaos, I wish that was true. I really wish that was true.

It is.

I want to talk about one of your flaws that just keeps bothering me. You are by nature a big game of risk between angry brooding neck beards who have hated each other with an undying passion.

Staff is 10 members strong, excluding myself. 4 women, 6 dudes. I don't think the women have beards currently, I haven't asked. There's also plenty more women whom I'm sure find error within your statements, as well as many more peaceful, not hateful people who enjoy role-playing here.

Let's say you have a new writer and he wants to do a thread on Naboo and kill a bunch of gungans. Now there's nothing wrong with wanting to kill gungans, but he does the thread and blows up something and kills a bunch of people. And now all of a sudden he's getting PMd by members of the faction who own the planet saying he can't do that, cause reasons.

When has this ever happened? Whenever this happens, people usually respond with "well if you can be on our planet killing stuff, we will respond to you IC." To me, that's great role-play, and fun opportunities. And if Major Factions are bullying new members, I'd love to hear about it. And I probably would hear about it. There's not much that goes on here that I don't hear about.

I feel that you try to come off as this omnipotent site that can cater to all forms of Roleplaying when that's not really the case at all.

We only cater to free-form para-posting role-play, or speed role-play.

I feel that you cater heavily towards factions and certain people.

Please ask any Staff member as to how I personally feel about bias and I'm sure you'll get the same answer.

Now I know I haven't had the best track record in the sanity department

Maybe not. But you're getting better. Stay the course.

Say if member X has been around the site for a while and has become a popular person

I'm going to attempt to not dismiss this as easily as my peers, but you have to understand - this argument is very easily dismissable. Popularity is not a constant. It is very tangible. What do I mean by that?

A popular person wasn't always popular. They had to- at one point in time- attain popularity.


You don't care about the little guy who has to claw his way to get an idea noticed, you don't care about the average writer who has errors or can only stretch themselves too far.

Capping ceremonies? Member of the Month? Factory Judges? Codex Judges? All of these are given to notable members of responsibility and maturity, but more importantly - we try to advance new blood first.

There's even solid rules keeping RPJ's in check for when they vote "no" for a new member to be advanced as a Force User. And even then, they can be overturned - and have been - in favor of advancing new blood.

You don't need to look any further than @Matsu Xiangu - a member who was very unknown but was promoted directly to Administrator - to know that the new blood is almost the ONLY thing I care about. As the Owner, new people are my primary goal. I'm not sure who in this community you accuse of "not caring about the little guy", but I hope it's not me. I am the number one proponent for self-preservation of SWRP - which is achieved by attaining and retaining new blood.

You care about those elite, that "it crowd" that has been walking around like big Ike on campus getting likes for every word and phrase they post.

Oversimplification of a vast clique structure that will exist in any community no matter how big or small. Get used to it, it's reality. If I try to stop it, I will end up tearing this place down around us all.
You don't care if member Y throws out an idea for something new

Dude we have a whole forum devoted to making it extremely easy for Member Y to do this, so yeah, we do care: http://starwarsrp.net/forum/492-feedback-suggestions/

I'm not a saint Chaos, I'm not without my flaws. I've had moments where I have lost it, I've done things that I still regret to this day. And I'm sorry, I'm sorry that I wasn't as good to you as I should of been. I have admitted my faults chaos, my flaws and I'm at peace with them. I know you have all these people who fantasize over you and will defend you to all ends of the earth. But just once chaos, I want you to admit your flaws.

[background=Easy there, Thoreau. Chaos is a community, built of people like you. Your faults = Chaos's faults. Improve yourself, and by extension you improve the community.[/font]

Chaos is what you want it to be.

So let's not treat it like high school and it won't be like high school.

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