"Is this thing on?" He waved in front of the holorecorder. After he was satisfied he sighed heavily. He wasn't in his beskar'gam, or even his flight suit. A plain shirt with what looked like a leather strap, probably connected to a bag. The sound of Zip, his Anooba companion, could be heard in the background. A solemn look sat on the young Mandalorian's face.
"I'm leaving." saying the words hit him like a truck, he could feel a heavy lump in his throat, but he swallowed it and let it sit in the pit of his belly. "Illum is a turning point. The Mandalorians are going places where I don't wish to be. Don't try to stop me, by the time you get this message I'll probably be half way across the Galaxy. I don't know where I'll end up, I have no plan, but there is something about Ra. I felt it the first time I set eyes on him," he paused, realizing that his brother might not understand, "in the Force." It was something he was slightly embarrassed about. Sure there were great Force wielders in the Mandalorians, his own mother had been Force Sensitive and approached by the Jedi many times, but he always felt like it gave him an unfair advantage, even when he wasn't using it. But that's also partially what this was about. The Force was pulling him away, to somewhere else.
"I want you to take good care of Zip. He can't come where I'm going likely. If Mandalore ever needs me, and not Ra, I mean Manda'yaim, the planet, our people, I will come. But until then this is goodbye." The transmission ended and Davin leaned back in his chair and inhaled sharply, running his hands through his hair. He glanced over at Zip who was moping at his feet and gave the canine a weak smile before getting up and walking out the door.