I must admit, I fumbled around for a bit trying to figure out exactly how to address this letter. I considered “Master”, “Former Empress”, “Admiral”, “Padawan” and so many of the other titles that you’ve earned and assumed over the last few years. It is my opinion however that none of these titles are you. They are parts, pasts, descriptors, but none of them are the full picture, and thus fully respect who you are and what you’ve done. Thus I’ve decided to simply address this letter to Ashin, not only to depict who you really are but also because I’d hope to gain a friendship in your, or at least a mutual respect. If this is improper and you wish to be addressed as something else than I apologize, and don’t hesitate to tell me. I’m not too proud to listen when I’m wrong. At least I hope I’m not, hubris is sneakier than most give credit.

In any case I suppose I should stop wasting your time and get past the introductions and pleasantries right? Firstly I’d like to say I apologize for the whole business at Sigma Station. I doubt you need or want the apology of a washed up Jedi Master, but I must apologize all the same. I know you came to us willingly, even said you’d do the same in our stead, but the act of stripping the Force from somebody simply doesn’t sit well with me. It is better than murder, I’ll give it that, but if the Force is basis of all life than it’s almost as if stripping the Force from someone is taking away their ability to live. To think that such techniques exist, that it not power but wisdom that restricts men from doing so discomforts me greatly. In the back of my mind I reason “Perhaps it is best that this worries you”, but that doesn’t help ease my state of mind. Anyways, I’m rambling now. I’ll end this little paragraph by saying that of all the things you’ve done, all the things you’ve been rumored to do, it is what you asked for on Sigma Station that makes me most respectful. I hope the fresh start is working as well as planned, and should you ever find that the teaching of those in the Fringe or the Republic need a little bolstering you’re always welcome to pop by for a lesson in the Tingel Arm. I doubt that’ll ever be the case, but I figured I’d extend a welcome regardless.

Secondly, I must admit that my reasons for writing you are not all-together altruistic. There are some questions I’d like answered and I find that you are the best qualified, if perhaps not the only one qualified, to give them. Specifically I need to know more about Sith Poison, it’s effects, it’s variations. I had once heard from a friend, Darron Wraith if you’re curious, that you were literally poisoned to a point where you couldn’t feel or use the Light side of the Force. Is that true? How did that happen exactly? Were the effects gradual or immediate? How did you get cured? Do you think the opposite could occur? Actually, let me stop myself before I go any farther. I understand that this might be a deeply personal matter, and I won’t be offended if you don’t want to talk about it, let alone to some strange zeltron over holomail. The thing of it is though, I have to ask. I’m afraid . . . I’m afraid a friend of mine has been afflicted with something similar. He is of keen mind, strong heart, uncanny resolve. If anyone can get through this I suppose he can, but at the same time? He’s my friend. The best I have. And I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t try to help him.

Lastly, another couple of questions. I have resolved myself to staying out of the politics of the galaxy for quite some time now, helping people where I can but mostly protecting my people, the Levantines, and my family, should you agree to call and adopted daughter and a rag-tag team of old Jedi family. However, with the One Sith running around a lot of that family has chosen to help fight. I never thought I’d see the day Boolon, an old healer from the Jedi, go to battle before I did but he went and served at Teta while I stayed home. I’ve been conflicted lately on whether I’m needed for this fight, if I need to go. Part of me says “Jaxton, you’ve grown soft after taking a daughter.” but then part of me says “A Jedi should have been soft to begin with.” and the confusion only grows. Being completely honest however, it is not the One Sith I fear most. People will always raise their swords to fight the monsters around them, but it is the quiet assassin from the shadows that poses the most risk. I fear at times that the One Sith are not the biggest player I need worry about. That the murder of Darron Wraith wasn’t a display of one man’s power, but of the cunning of a hidden foe wanting to send a message, or perhaps a hidden entity with one man getting self-absorbed in the moment. I suppose I probably sound the conspiracy theorist now, wearing his tin foil hat, but I supposed if any would believe my fears it’d be someone with experience on the other side, at the height of their power. Again, I understand that this could be a deeply personal matter for you, and I don’t wish to force you to do or say anything you don’t wish, but as a man and a Jedi I’d wish to know where to set my efforts and I figured talking to you was the easiest way to start sorting things out.

Hoping you the Best;


@Ashin Varanin