I’m not going to write a huge review, because sometimes I can get going and going and just don’t stop when I start. Basically, I know little of the Deadpool character except his intro in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ and then everything that snowballed since that controversial interpretation. Ryan Reynolds has never been an actor I’ve found likeable or talented, so he never sat with me anyway. But I tolerated him in the film, all done and dusted.
Now 7 years on Deadpool has been given his own film thanks to fanboys wanting to see a more violent, cruder and not-so-serious superhero film in this era of dark, gritty and near family friendly offerings. Reynolds is back with an ego as big as they come thanks to this feeling that the world wants Deadpool again – maybe it does, but I certainly don’t and felt it offered nothing new to the table at all, for an R rated superhero movie or anything.
It’s full of OTT/CGI violence, lots of swearing, sex jokes and breaking the 4th wall where Reynolds takes the piss basically about the whole superhero franchise, the X-Men series, Hugh Jackman and rebooted timelines just for starters. It felt like a Kickstarter Fan Film to me – all the main scenes we’ve seen in the trailers and there’s very little else to the film. 2 action sequences, one on a freeway and one in a junkyard and a few other bar/home/street scenes as filler in the middle where Reynolds DOESN’T wear his mask. But then I doubt he wore it much anyway, just get a stunt double to do the action along with CGI and he just can dub his lines over. Like Iron Man and Spider-Man.
It’s stupid, crass and boring. This humour isn’t something I’m against, at all, but in this context I found nothing appealing about it or clever at all. It’s like a fan film 15 year old teens made on a big budget to make a superhero film that has tits, violence, f**k words and winks to the other franchises. That’s it. I fail to see the appeal at all, so I’m either out of touch or have a much deeper want for films than everyone else who says this is a “game changer”. Game changer. Really? No, it’s not. It’s a dumb ride of swearing and violence for 100mins that ‘Dredd’ did years ago in a much more stylistic, brutal and winning fashion. This is NOTHING new at all and if this this is how people want superhero films then their day is numbered.
While the sets and locations are well produced, if a little bland and boring, the narrative is easy to follow and the soundtrack of 80s synth beats is the one thing I enjoyed. Oh, and Gina Carano as bad guy Angel Dust is very easy on the eye and I found her final showdown very appealing for all the right reasons – her bangers nearly falling out and looking mighty fine in that tight outfit of hers.
As you can see, I’m not a fan and I’m looking for things to like which is hard. I went in with an open mind, chuckled maybe twice and left with an annoyed mind. Oh, and the fact that one big joke was about Deadpool liking the 80s band ‘Wham!’, but yet he plays “Careless Whisper” over the end credits which was George Michael solo song, and NOT a ‘Wham!’ song when he clearly says it is also annoyed me. If you’re going to joke about pop culture, get it right.