Early Morning, Valentine’s Day
Sock covered feet tip toed around the living area of the house she shared with another. The other was asleep soundly after a night of being tangled with each other. Arms wrapped around a slender waist and Allyson could still feel the warmth of Kaili’s body against hers. Sighing softly, Allyson knew that their short lived vacation would soon end and once more she would be far from the youngest Talith. She did her best not to focus on the fact that she was returning to the battles and back to the front lines with the Rogues. It was times like this she wondered if she should just abandon her station and run away with the blonde. A hand reached out for a couple of roses, she picked at the petals and dropped them around the living room. Her mind worked over a plan if they did run away. Knowing Kaili, she wouldn’t be able to stay away from her responsibilities for too long, she was raised to accept them, unlike Allyson. Chuckling softly under her breath, she imagined the girl finally caving to her desire to return to her responsibilities despite enjoying her time away from them.
Little moments like that made Allyson love the girl even more. The petals were strewn around the living room and she began on the next set. When she was finished, there were petals of red, pink, white and yellow - the floor was covered, but she hoped that the clean up wouldn’t be too troublesome. Seeing her handy work, Allyson slipped back into their shared bedroom. She had to finish getting ready for the shuttle that brought her back to the base about a week’s travel away. Pulling on the black spacer slacks and a simple shirt, she quickly tossed her hair up in a loose bun. Her Rogue bomber jacket and aviators finished the look, but there was still much work to do.
Wandering back into the living room then the kitchen she set the oven to finish baking pastries that Kaili would enjoy. Technology was amazing and it would be around the time Kaili’s personal alarm would go off - even then Henry would be able to shut off the oven. Breakfast was prepared and the living room was a petal soft heaven, but what else could she do? Allyson was never good at this stuff, but she was going to try. If Kaili had wandered for some silly reason into Allyson browser history she would come across several holovids of ‘cute valentines day ideas’, along with some action shots of x-wings and other ships.
A simple idea popped into her head and she quickly pulled out a paper template and the nearest pen. She sat herself at the table and pondered on what she was going to write. She began thinking about all the things she was going to miss out on and then began to think about what if she didn’t get to come home again? War was something that was uncertain, you didn’t know if that was the last time you climbed into your x-wing or if it was the last time you took a breath. Allyson shook her head, trying her best to not think horrible things such as that.
She began to write:
I’m sorry I didn’t wake you up, I wanted to make this a surprise and I didn’t think I’d be able to leave if you started to cry. You don’t know how hard it is for me to leave you. I miss you so much and even now as I write this letter I’m already missing you. I’m going to miss the way you smile, the way you laugh, and the funny face you make when you’re frustrated or when I’m teasing you. I’m going to miss the way you feel against me and how safe I feel to be around you.
You brought me back to life Kaili Talith, without you I wouldn’t have anything. I’ve lost everyone in my life and yet you’re still here, you’re still there when I come home and you’ll hopefully always be there. You are the reason I wake up in the morning and why I keep fighting. You’re the one that keeps me safe during suicide missions, because I know if I don’t make it back - you’ll be alone. I never want to leave you alone. I don’t want to be alone.
You’re perfection, you’re perfect for me Kaili Talith. I’m sorry I have to leave, I’m sorry I can’t give you everything about where I’m going, just know wherever I am in this galaxy whether it be the farthest planet in the unknown regions or the front lines of the Galactic Alliance wars - I’m thinking of you...and wishing I was looking into your eyes.
Allyson put the pen down and took in a deep breath. She fought any signs of tearing up, the last thing she needed was to stain the document with tears. Allyson knew if Kaili saw the wet marks on the paper she would probably worry. Re-centering herself, Allyson continued to write.
I could continue with corny metaphors for how much I love you and how I still fall for you every single day. I can’t imagine a day without you, without hearing your voice say my name, and being able to interrupt anything you say with a kiss. I feel as if I’m dying when I’m away from you, I don’t know how to make it better. Just promise me that you’ll be there when I come home, just be there for me to come home to and I promise I’ll always come home, I’ll always come to our home. Stay safe and know I’ll always keep you in my heart.
Love always,
PS: I love you.
Reading it over, Allyson nodded she did feel a bit corny about this whole thing, but that’s what this holiday was all about right? Quickly folding the paper, she shoved it into the envelope and paused for a moment. Looking at her finger, she noticed the two rings she had bent and molded from nuts of an x-wing. The durasteel shined in the dim light of the kitchen. Working it off her finger, she kept the other half of the ring with her and the half that was off was dropped into the envelope. The sound of paper shifted and she scribbled at the bottom of the letter,
PSS: Let the ring be my physical promise to come home to you. Think of me when you look at it, when you feel it in your hand.
Shoving the letter back into the envelope, she quickly sealed it and then looked at the time. “Feth” She mumbled and quickly placed the letter in front of a vase of flowers. Hopefully Kaili would find it pretty easy. Footsteps creaked against the floor as she made her way back into the bedroom and grabbed her bag. Allyson paused and stared at her lover sleeping peacefully, unaware that this moment was happening. Walking over, Allyson knelt down and brushed her fingertips gently against the other woman’s face. Kneeling down, she kissed the sleeping girl on the cheek and then left the room.
Fighting the urge to stay, Allyson made her way towards the taxi speeder and headed towards the hangar where the shuttle would take her back to reality. Sighing softly, she hoped she could see Kaili again sooner than later.
On the front of the letter’s envelope, Allyson had written a note.
Happy Valentine’s Day Kaili