"As of recently the constant harassment from the race known as the Tusken Raiders has been made to cease. Thank you Vulcan Industries for providing someone to remove that problem from my backside. Their constant attacks have grown old. " A pause was done by Jeff. "Recently I've commenced creation of a new droid body for myself. Hopefully it should trick Gordosa the Hutt into believing I am dead. My recent creation of the Roller Droids should provide a suitable replacement for the Droidekas. They are outdated, and outmoded. Sometimes I wish that the Force Users of the Galaxy would be peaceful with each other, or at least fight it out in controlled environments. "

Another pause was achieved by Jeff.

"James's training is coming along quite nicely. While he is nowhere near Knight level, I do believe with the proper help... he could perhaps surpass even a Jedi or Sith Master if I play my cards right, and find the right instructors for him. I will not use the ones who taught me how to wield a light-saber, and are teaching me anyway."