Time was always unkind to the denizens of the galaxy. There was always a strife that played into the destinies of those unfortunate chosen. Jules Crux, Crux Denko, was one such unfortunate soul. His life had once been a playground of joy and carefree wandering. There were no real troubles other than the typical 'wrong place, wrong time' that all smugglers found themselves in, but Fate and Time changed it all. Worries trickled in. Power manifested itself. Knowledge and training wrought greater woes until finally there was an eternal void within the man. One that would never be satisfied. There was a longing, a need, a hunger that tirelessly gnawed at his soul. He could feel himself being torn apart. Flayed open. Laid bare. The Force no longer guided him as it once did, and instead, it shredded at him and wore his resolve until only the crude base remained. Refinement was no longer a necessary thing. Crux Denko was stripped bare by the Dark Side and now here he was; raw and malformed.
The lightsaber switched on. That kyber crystal that aligned itself so perfectly to Crux's past life remained attuned. Instead of rejecting the changes it moulded to them. Now the blade was bright and dark hues of crimson flecked with etchings of black. The unstable blade lanced through the locking mechanism of the door before him, and without that latch the hydraulics flung open. Denko's hand gripped his saber's hilt tighter as he advanced through the portal and into the room beyond. The room filled with terror, with agony. He fed on the fear and suffering. He relished in it and drew upon it as though it kept him alive. What little opposition he faced here was cut down by mind and blade, until a sole survivor remained.
"Crux, don't do this," she pleaded, "Remember who you are!"
"I know who I am," Iscariot replied, "And the future I see no longer involves you."
[OOC: I was playing around with ideas in my head, and this cropped up as one of them. It kinda surprised me as I wrote it, and it makes me wonder what the future of Crux has in store.]