The city lights always so bright and inviting today held no allure to the brunette. She looked again at the holo reaching over to play the message one more time. It was James, "She's gone Rekha killed by someone with a blaster" She could see from the way his eyes moved he had been crying for sometime.

Rekha couldn't shake that sinking feeling inside, it had to be a mistake because no one would ever hurt her mother why? her mother shared whatever she had, gave till she had nothing for herself, and rarely spoke a harsh word to anyone. So this...this had to be a mistake. She'd wait for him to call and say he was wrong.

She could wait. And wait she did. She called others on Kelada asking what they knew and no one knew nothing, investigation ongoing by the local law and government forces. She could only imagine what kind of investigation they would do...but then it wasn't her mother. It had to be someone else's.

Two hours later Rekha was still trying convince herself that it was a mistake, even when James called again and asked when she would be home. "A few hours..." The words hung in her throat as she held onto hope.

When she arrived on Kelada James met her he just stared at her feth, there's no one he'd be this torn up if it wasn't real. "How, why?"

"No one knows..they will let us have her in a day or two."

A day or two, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, no mistakes."

No mistake she thought her hope dwindled tonight. She stood there thinking numb a single thought.....who will love me now?

She had nothing to say right now as she walked silently with her brother. He was angry she could feel it rolling off of him in waves touching everything and everyone. "I'll get who did this, and I'll fry them till their eyeballs melt"

Interesting image.

No one wanted to talk to them, and she knew if she opened her mouth too much all the hurt and anger would pour out of her and she couldn't. Her mother always said you're older take care of James. He will act like you.......HA! When had he ever? Never..not once in his entire life.

But that didn't stop her mother from saying it again, and again. And she was standing there....trying her best to be what he needed. All while her own emotions twisted inside all while she waited for the answer to Why?

A day or two and they gave her back to them, and still they weren't allowed to see her...was it that bad? An investigator finally talked to them they said they had someone in custody.......her partner, companion......whatever word they wanted to use Rekha had her own opinion....that loser...and now....he was that murderer. He had shot her twice, left her to die alone, and tried to escape....and for what?!!!!! WHY!!! why...the investigator said to them...we may never know why and we can't prosecute folks for their thoughts but their actions that we mindless drug addicts they nodded they did.

They started the motions of what to do, services......she wouldn't want anything over the top. She was a simple woman, who like yellow flowers, small birds, and her kids. Friends and family hugged them said their I'm so sorry and moved along. All while Rekha sat there looking over at an image of her mother that....didn't look like her but James seemed pleased...ok...she said completely detached from it all. But it did not look like her mother.

There were words and she tried to pay attention...yes yes..right...I got it.... but she didn't. Rekha looked at the image of her mother and thought about so many things. How she let me make orange juice, and I broke the bottle when I was 5. How she taught me to play yahtzee for years. Taught me to crochet even though she was left handed and I right....she taught me family was more important than anything else.. Of all the stories she told her, of the family, how she tried to do the right thing even when Rekha argued with her about it............but her mother had said we aren't always as close as some, but we are not as far apart as others. A year or so ago Rekha had called and talked to her asking her the one thing that had become so important............are you proud of me? OF course....I am why would you think never say anything..

And now...there would be no more stories, no more late calls at on Life was all gone now.... The emotion that she had held in to be strong and to protect James found a voice and slowly Rekha lost it. The words were intermingled with emotions and tears. The tears streamed down her face, she couldn't catch her breath and all she wanted was her mother. James tried to touch her but she pulled away....that wasn't going to help right she had to go through this let her grief have its voice and be damned if anyone would push it away with an I'm so sorry or it will be alright.....and the last thing she wanted was comfort from someone she was supposed to take care. She was supposed to be strong for him not him for her....her knees got weak and she couldn't stand she landed in a chair lost in her pain and loss.

Her mind screamed in agony as she tried to catch her breath. Her hands trembled as she pushed herself to her feet to go and see her this one last time...this one time where Mommy's features were too soft, where the life had left and all that remained was this empty shell that impersonated her mother. Mommy she whispered.....there were no other words to say it was all thought now and nothing that anyone else would hear. Through it all she remembered her promise

I'll take care of James.

Who would take care of her? She didn't know but she knew she'd keep her word to her mother, take care of James, show him the right things to do and pray that he followed. She would push through make it happen and do whatever she needed to first.

Darkness crawled all over Rekha whispering in her ear, welcome home. For a moment it looked like her green eyes turned gray Rekha reached out and for the last time touched her mother's hand. One last time she looked at her mother's easy.. It's gonna be alright promise.