I read someone's recently blog entry last night, his name I regretfully don't recall. He was talking about trai ing threads in his entry. I would like to comment on the topic.

I mostly agree with what he wrote about overemphasis on those threads. He talked about developing the charater and how your Space Wizard(ess) would eventually become a Knight and Master anyway. Enjoy the journey, don't focus on the destination to paraphrase.

How right that is, as I have caught myself in other instances becoming caught in procedural stuff. It's like grinding out levels in an MMO. It kind of misses the point and takes away the fun of writing and nerding out hardcore. The whole point is to have fun, right? Who doesn't imagine themselves calling down hellfire and brimstone as a powerful sorceress in WoW or whirling through the air with a lightsber or two flashing.

Writing is a highly personal expression. I spent some time in school for Journalism before realizing it wasn't for me. But writing is still a joy I had forgotten.

I would still say training threads should happen because it doesn't make sense that an Acolyte is suddenly using Drain Life outta nowhere. But that guy made me realize again that focusing on 50 or so posts to become a Knight was besides the point. As a result, I see my experience here being even more fun.

Thank you to whoever that guy was.