I took it out for a test run today. Think I might have blown a Repulsor going too fast. I hit faster speeds than our racing swoop Daw. The Kriffing B&W-17. I think they said I capped at 850Km/hr. It was insane. They said if I wasn't wearing the racing suit I would have been dead or at least in a lot of pain from the wind and particles in the air. Some people threw around the idea of putting a small environmental shield generator in next to the engine but that would take several more long months of work and I don't think the crews are up for that. We'd also have to make a bigger speeder, putting it more on par with the Buyca those Mandalorians have size and construction wise. I think we are just going to put a speed limiter on it instead. We're thinking around the 500 to 600Km/hr range. We don't want it going too fast or else we'll have people suing us for crashes and what not but if it gets out that we capped the speed we'll be facing criticism and corruption charges from our buyers. Damned if you do, damned if you don't I guess.