"The air shimmered and contorted, a mirage without a desert. A humanoid egressed from the phantasmagoria, solid and cloaked in tincture of sable. Hair of pure alabaster hung past cinder hued features, surpassing chiseled marble in chill austerity. Eyes like twin embers of flickering hate cast the only glow of color."

NAME: Dûvain
SPECIES: Anzati/Arkanian
AGE: 358
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'6"
WEIGHT: 216lbs
HAIR: White
SKIN: Grey-Ashen hue
Tall and muscular, Dûvain represents the pinnacle of human strength. His red eyes, a byproduct of his unorthodox heritage, are unnerving to some, however they are unavailable for questioning as those who get close enough to see the color of his eyes usually end up dead. He possesses sharper than normal canines and his fingers are clawed. Flaps in his cheek hide two proboscises and when they are retracted his face resembles an average humanoid. He is an abominable union between Anzati and Arkanian.
He despises humans and Arkanians, but applies his derision to basically every species. Due to his hybrid nature and three hundred plus years of isolation he has developed into a secluded introvert, resentful at the galaxy for not understanding him.
To him, history is a massive textbook of insatiable violence and repetitive cycles. His conclusion? Apathy.
Main Traits: Nihilistic, Mercurial

+Vision: He is only capable of seeing in the infrared spectrum, which is very useful on cold worlds.
+Rapid Healing: His Anzati nature is dominant and includes a heightened healing process.
-Vision: As he is only capable of seeing in infrared, he is easily susceptible to harsh lights that can range from blinding him for a few minutes to blinding him for days. If he were to step out into the Tatooine sands during a particularly hot day, for instance, and stare up into the sun he would be blinded for the rest of that day. If a flashbang grenade went off in front of him he would be blind for several days.
-Starvation: requires a steady diet of humanoid brains in order to survive, 12 every month to be healthy.
-Sterile: An amalgamation of various entities spliced into a single being and grown in a tube, Dûvain is unable to reproduce.
-Disease: He is highly susceptible to any diseases plaguing the Anzati and Arkanian species. As he was grown in a tube his immune system has been unable to develop resistances to many types of bacteria and viruses. The common cold could indeed be dangerous to him. In addition, if/when he ever does catch a disease he will have to be treated by specialists. No simple hospital will suffice as the wrong medication and treatment could easily kill him.
-Bacta Allergy: He is severely allergic to bacta, which itself is a bacteria that helps the healing process. Unfortunately, inhis case it will cause swelling in the throat that can suffocate and kill him.
-Aggressiveness: The scientists who created Dûvain intended for him to be the genetic blueprint an Arkanian warrior subspecies. As such, they focused on activating genes that increased aggressiveness. However, they also completely shut off the genes that enable compassion. Thus, Dûvain is hyper-aggressive and tends to react violently to 'fix' situations.
Cryokinesis, Mentalism, and Tund Illusion Sorcery
The lab experiment of an insane group of Arkanian scientists holed up on Alzoc III, Dûvain was intended to be the ultimate predator and meant to serve as a blueprint for a whole subspecies of Arkanian warriors. Instead, he came into the galaxy with the knowledge that he was nothing more than an unloved creation and subsequently slaughtered the scientists. Since then he has wandered the tundras of Alzoc III for over 300 years, trying to find a way off the planet. He preys upon the native Talz, the only sapient species who reside in Alzoc III's frozen wasteland. They call him the Grey Hunter, on account of his ashen skin. The scarcity of sapients makes living on the planet incredibly difficult for Dûvain. The average Anzati requires twelve sapients a day in order to remain healthy, but Dûvain counts himself lucky if he finds one or two. Thus his abilities are significantly weakened and he is constantly on the brink of starvation.
One day, he escaped: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/32078-children-of-ice/