The Current Mother Superior, Nova Nadje
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Name: Czychi
Designation: Sentient
Homeworld: Maldra IV
Language: Czyche (use Czech translator)
Average height of adults: 5'7" for women, 6'0 for men
Skin color: light tan, usually.
Hair color: Either dark brown or dark auburn
Breathes: Type I
  • Heightened Agility: Compared to other humans, the Czychi are much more agile and flexible, and it's not uncommon for many members -- male and female alike -- to be considered excellent contortionists
  • Tougher Nails: While it is more marked in the females, the Czychi possess toe and finger nails that are much more durable than other humans. They are strong enough to allow for climbing up the trees in their native forests, and if sharpened they can prove to be deadly weapons.
  • Night Vision: Since it is often dark in the jungles, even during the day, the Czychi have developed an impressive night vision, allowing them to see in even the darkest of places.
  • Bright lights: Obviously, great night vision means that a bright light at night (or even day) without any time to allow their eyes to adjust will temporarily stun any Czychi. They can still see during the day, but they must be allowed time for their eyes to get used to the light.
  • ​Weak Force: Only about 1 in every 5,914 Czychi will ever be Force Sensitive, and only 1 in about 527 of those will ever be considered strong enough to assume the position of Mother Superior. Even then, the Mother Superiors have traditionally been only as strong in the Force as an adept -- certainly not on the same level as the ancients such as Obi-wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, or Ben Watts.
  • Vitamin C deficiency: The entire species suffers from a curious deficiency in Vitamin C. Thus, they must all eat at least one peech a day. The more peeches a Czychi has is symbolic of how wealthy they are, for the demand is so great that prices cannot always remain low. This need has also factored into their culture, giving rise to saying such as "He stole her peech" (he took away what was most important); "She offered the peech" (she put her trust in someone OR is extending peace by making a show of faith); "You are my peech" (you are the most important thing to me).
  • Longevity: The Czychi have developed an increased lifespan in comparison to humans, though even in their prime they could be considered young by many, many other species.
  • Eyes: the eyes of the Czychi have taken on a peculiar look, despite the rest of their body remaining the same as humans. While the whites are still, well, white, their pupils and irises have grown so much that it's difficult to see the whites when they are looking straight at you. The glowy flecks, though, are for more than show: they are the tissues that give the Czychi their night vision. Damaging these tissues will not only inhibit their night vision but also their ordinary vision as well.
  • Fingers: The Czychi, almost as a response to their technology, have developed above-averagely nimble fingers, allowing them to tap buttons/keys, twirl things, etc with much more grace than an average human.
Average Lifespan: 180 years
  • The Czychi Hybrids: These individuals are a result of the mating between a Czychi and a Svolk, but take after the Czychi. They are virtually similar to the Czychi in every way except one: Instead of being connected to the Force, they are born Force Dead. It is still unclear as to why this is, but there is another curious thing. If two Czychi hybrids were to mate, then the offspring would most certainly be like a normal Czychi, Force and all (though Sensitivity is still uncertain). A pairing between a Czychi hybrid and a Svolk hybrid, however, has four outcomes: normal Czychi, normal Svolk, Force Dead as well, or more powerful in the Force than any other Czychi. Of course, the last one is so rare as to have only happened once, long ago, for good reason. Hybrids themselves are rather rare because consorting with the enemy Svolk is considered high treason for the lower Czychi, and neither the Mother Superiors of past nor their Handmaidens and Handservants wished to have anything to do with the Svolk except make war. Not babies.
Estimated Population: Only found on their home planet, though if they'd actually collaborate with the Svolks they'd probably manage to get off world.
Diet: They can generally eat what baseline humans eat. There are no allergies specific to the species, though as with humans a few may manifest here and there.
Communication: Verbal, though the Mother Superior and her Handmaidens/Handservants use a special form of sign language that utilises hand motions and body language.
Culture: The Czychi are a big-time matriarchal society. The men, from the time they hit puberty, must don masks, so that they may not distract the women. It also helps eradicate their notions of self and solidify the fact that while they are people, they are lesser. The men are used for taxingly laborious jobs, such as building, and those found to have particularly exquisite traits are allowed to mate if asked. They do not vote, they cannot own property (though a special clause has been put in place for foreign male merchants looking to start a business, provided they follow the rules), and the only job a male might have in which they could be considered equal status is if they are a Handservant to the Mother Superior or the Grandmother Superiors, as well as to the Daughters-in-Training and the Daughter Superior. In essence, the males are slaves.

​However, despite the many rights that are stripped from them, the males are not completely devastated. A slave's mistress is allowed to pay them, and they can sell things or offer their services in exchange for money. Similarly, only the courts may decide on punishments involving the flesh; anyone attempting to deliver it themselves runs the risk of being fined heavily. But while the males may have a few freedoms, they are still slaves.
The women, meanwhile, run everything else. They even have their own caste system, which would better explain everything.

Caste System

Grandmother Superior: This is the status given to a Mother Superior who decides to step down from the throne while she is still alive. Though her duties are more ceremonial than anything else, the Grandmother Superior still has a fairly influential voice, and in some instances can even outrank the Mother Superior.

Mother Superior: She is the Queen of the entire Czychi people. She handles matters of great importance, and makes the end decision in said matters. Off all the positions, she is the most heavily tattooed, with every inch of her skin decorated to coordinate with the Crown of Mêsíc. Her hairstyle is always cropped short, so that it may easily be kept underneath the headdress. She is also the most powerful Force Using female in the Czychi civilisation, and her word is law. The position of Mother Superior is held for life unless, as stated before, the Mother Superior decides to step down upon reaching a venerable age.

Daughter Superior: The Daughter Superior is the one who is chosen as the heir to the Czychi throne. They are like a princess of sorts, though they are of the same status as the Daughters-in-Training. There is no age limit on when a Daughter Superior is chosen, though traditionally the Mother Superior decides when all of the Daughters-in-Training are in their twentieth year. That gives time for the Mother Superior and other tutors to instruct the Daughter Superior in the ways of ruling, and at the same time ensure there is someone to take the throne should the Mother Superior pass away suddenly. In the event that no Daughter Superior has been chosen when the Mother Superior dies, all of the ones in training undergo a series of tests, and whoever comes out top is declared the next ruler. If a Daughter Superior dies unexpectedly, then the Mother Superior simply chooses the next best candidate. To date, the youngest one to ever be chosen is Nova Nadje, current Mother Superior.

Daughter-in-Training: The Daughters-in-Training are a group of twenty girls who are whittled down from the hundreds of Force Sensitive girls who had been tested to be the next Mother Superior. Upon reaching the age of 12, every girl in every settlement is tested for Force Sensitivity. If they pass a certain level, then they are sent to the Mother Superior's palace in order to be trained. After a Daughter Superior is chosen, the rest of the Daughters-in-Training are given the option to become Handmaidens or to go home to their loved ones. Most decide to stay.

Handmaidens: The Handmaidens are the bodyguards, confidantes, and sometimes decoys of the Mother Superior, Grandmother Superior, and the Daughters. They are the best of the best, each one trained in combat, both with or without the Force. They ensure that the Mother Superior is safe at all times. Their male counterparts are the Handservants, who serve mostly as protection, but sometimes as the occasional mate to the Queen. Like the Daughters-in-Training, the Handservants undergo a rigorous training program, and all are Force Sensitive. However, they too must wear masks. Only the Queen and whatever Handmaiden might take one as a mate may look upon their face.

Grandmother: respectful title used when a woman/girl is addressing another who is at least two generations ahead of her (I.e. 40-60 years older). When speaking to family, a girl may also use the title "Grandma".

Mother: respectful title used when talking to a woman at least one generation older (20-40years), followed by the addressee's last name. When speaking to family, "Mom" or "Mama" is allowed.

Daughter: respectful title used when talking to someone who is younger by at least a generation. Family members do not have to use this.

Granddaughter: respectful title used when talking to someone at least two generations younger. Family members do not have to use this.

Sister: respectful title used when referring or talking to an equal who is not close. Otherwise, a nickname or the first name is acceptable.

Technology level: Galactic Standard. Again, space ships would be possible if they got their crap together with the Svolk, but ah...that may or may not happen any time soon.

General behavior: Aloof or helpful when talking to strangers -- depends on if said stranger is male or female. Downright hateful, typically, when speaking to Svolks. The upper echelons tend to have a clipped accent, while the lower ones have a rougher, more rugged tone. The Czychi are an otherwise open society, taking care to not overly damage the surrounding environment.
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Notable Player-Characters: Nova Nadje
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