This will be another breakdown of current Staff discussions.
1. Custom Planets - Use It or Lose It
Summary: A discussion, not a vote, was put forth to discuss whether a new addendum to non-canon (custom) planet creation could dictate how planets were used on the map. While the initial conversation was guided at making custom planets "use or lose", Staff was quickly dismissive against this for a variety of reasons. Unnecessary strain on the map updaters and a devotion of Staff resources towards a low priority item was the main reason for the discussion's dismissal.
As of now, it will not go to a vote.
2. Selvaris - Permission to Destroy?
Summary: A request was recently put in to destroy Selvaris, which was declared an Admin-only vote. The vote stands currently at 5 against, 0 for, 1 absent.
3. Changing up the Map Game?
Summary: Though the custom planets discussion ended quickly, it did start a new discussion concerning the current state of the map game and where we would proceed in the future, as there are currently several limitations. Several technical problems were presented concerning moving away from the current process, but all of us seem to agree there has got to be a better way to do it.
4. Codex & Factory Request An LOA for the Holidays
Summary: The Codex & Factory Admins beat the Board Owner to the punch this year in requesting they close their respective territories for the holidays. Permission was given and they have full control of how they handle it this year, unlike previous years when the "tyrannical regime" forced closure.