If you're not really too familiar with EDM, you won't know Space Laces.
If you're an all-round EDM listener, you might know Space Laces, though chances are somewhat slim.
If you're an EDM afficionado with a penchant for blowing your own eardrums out with mind-bending basslines and you somehow haven't head of Space Laces yet, allow me to fix that for you.
Real talk, Space Laces is one of the single best bass music producers today. Not a joke, not any kind of hyperbole. His sound design is out of this world and despite the complexity he puts into his music, it still absolutely bangs in live sets. I can speak from first-hand experience. His Overdrive EP from last year really put him on the map and it's looking like he's only getting bigger.
That brings us to this. The video above is the second installment of his Vaultage minimixes, which are filled with various 'demos and rarities unleashed from the vault', as he himself puts it. The first was released in late 2018 and can be summed up as fifteen minutes of pure heat. Now that Vaultage 002 is out, we've got another fifteen. There's some good ol' dubstep, some weird disco-ish stuff, there's even a little bit of hardcore in there. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that none of these bits are likely to ever turn into full songs, but life isn't always fair I suppose.
In conclusion, if you need to blow your own eardrums out with mind-bending basslines, give Vaultage 002 a shot. It should do the trick.