I suppose you could call me a Skrillex fanboy. I love his older music, I love his new music, it doesn't matter to me. I have followed his musical evolution since 2012 and it's been an amazing journey. While older songs like Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, First of the Year, and Bangarang have a special place in my heart his shift away from that style has brought the world of EDM so much fun and amazing music. This is yet another example.
The vocal chops simply have Skrillex' sound written all over it, but compared to an older song that uses them in a similar way, I'll use With You, Friends [Long Drive] as the example, it still shows growth and evolution. It's undeniably him, yet it's refreshing.
The song itself is just fun to listen to. It makes you want to dance, puts a smile on your face and gives you energy. When you compare this to Purple Lamborghini for example you can see the insane diversity he has in songs, a testament to how talented he is.