Remember when I did these? Whoops.
Anyway, I've been on an insane REZZ kick lately. This song has been blasting through my headphones on repeat for the last four days now, and I can't seem to get enough. I knew of her music before, but never really gave it that much thought, until I started digging through her music I hadn't listened to before. Now, I'm hooked.
Her music is unsettling, dark, but mostly just really, really good. Unfortunately I'm too lazy to do another Artist Showcase right now, so I'm just sticking to this one. Other songs you should check out though are Fourth Impact (Collaboration with k?d, another amazing artist), Relax, Cryptic, and Voice in the Wall. Or just her entire discography while you're at it.
Why this song specifically is so good, it's how the intro/outro/breakdown sections fit the drop so well while being completely disjointed. It's a sudden shift in pace which makes it such a joy to listen to. I don't really know how else to describe the song, just listen to it. It's good.