I kind of abandoned this blog, but this song is so good it reminded me of the fact it exists. Whether or not I'm returning to actively showcasing my awful taste in music again remains to be seen, but I promise to at least give it a shot. Anyway, there's a song to gush over.
KLOUD is an artist I came across for the first time a few months ago, through the remix package of Illenium's song Crashing. My standout favorite on that one was the DROELOE remix (Easily best of 2019 material), but KLOUD's spin on the track managed to catch my attention as well. It got me interested enough to dive a bit deeper. I particularly liked the songs Dark Down Below and Satisfied, though the various re-imaginings of tracks like Swedish House Mafia's Save the World and Porter Robinson's Sad Machine were quite enjoyable as well. KLOUD didn't become any sort of obsession like I tend to develop with other artists, but with the release of Lies, that may just change.
Lies is incredible. A beat reminiscent of a synthwave track lays the foundation for a drop that carries a bit of a retro feel, but with a level of production quality that is very much modern-day. The lead synth is very satisfying to listen to and fits the underlying beat very well. Adding in the little details sprinkled across the track, it makes for a really, really good instrumental. Though I wasn't sold on the vocals on my first few listens, they have since grown on me. They definitely add to the aesthetic of the track.
KLOUD has some seriously good tracks under their belt already, but this one truly has me excited to see what's next. I'm keeping my eyes peeled.