I won't lie, I kind of forgot I had this blog. The only reason I actually remembered was because [member='Rell Kapae'] started a music review blog and I started to get the sense of competition. Not that it makes any sense, I just spit random words about songs I like while he gives short yet neat little reviews. Still, I have to mark my territory. I guess.
(Note: I am not being serious. Having music recommendations from a wide array of people is a very good thing. It helps broadening your horizon!)
But enough talk about things that have nothing to do with the song above. Originally I wanted to categorize this under guilty pleasures, I will explain why in a moment, but I do not feel guilty about liking this song nor did it have to grow on me. It did, absolutely, but I already liked it after the first listen. Now, exactly a month after release, I absolutely adore this song. I would've put it as a contender for song of the year if DROELOE - Homebound hadn't existed, but nothing is beating Homebound this year. It doesn't make this one any less of a straight up banger, though.
Holy starts off with a nice little vocal intro that lasts much longer than songs that follow the 'traditional' formula, which is not only a breath of fresh air but also fits the song perfectly. This longer buildup does not get boring mostly thanks to a fantastic vocal performance by Micah Martin, although the background synths cannot be overlooked here.
And then at 2:02 the buildup comes, and you wonder what's coming next, and then at 2:15 you're met with a screechy lead synth, which I normally very much dislike and a really weird bassline that shouldn't fit.
And it's absolutely glorious.
If you're a fan of more aggressive electronic music, your socks will be blown off. It's nasty, pedal to the metal, it's zero cares given. It doesn't slow down at any point either from there, it's full-on in-your-face goodness all the way to the end. That weird bassline is switched out for more traditional ones quite quickly but it all works, even though it really shouldn't.
Big ups to Kayzo, SLANDER, and Micah on this one. It's one of the best bangers of 2017, and there were some huge ones this year. Hopefully the Kayzo album that is coming out soon has more goodness to jam out to.