With the A Moment in Time EP having dropped here I thought this was the proper time to write this blog post, so here's yet another DROELOE track. I've done an entire artist showcase on the duo, but with every song they release they cement themselves as my favorite artists of all time more and more.
I don't know what it is that makes me love their music so much more than any other artist's. The only way I can explain it is the feel they instill in every track they release. There's this flow and style that is completely unique to them and it simply keeps blowing me away. It's upbeat but deep and interesting, something that in electronic music seems like a difficult thing to accomplish. Yet, they nail it every single time.
Sunburn is just another example of that. The lyrics are simple, but everything fits together so well and leaves me wanting to dance around wherever I go.
The rest of the EP is also incredible, and if Homebound had a proper Youtube upload I would've used that song instead since the sheer beauty of that song simply brought a tear to my eye. DROELOE is unable to let me down, it seems.