When the rumors spread, the galaxy gathered. The defense of Csilla against the ravenous Brotherhood of the Maw and their planet-killing superweapon drew in representatives from nearly every major faction in known space. On the ground, hundreds of thousands bled and died in a matter of hours, their lives reaped in brutal hand-to-hand combat across the muddy trenches and the frozen expanse of No Man's Land. In space, four mighty fleets converged on the Mercy battlestation, racing to push back the Brotherhood defenders and destroy the weapon before it could fire on the planet. Within the station itself, some of the galaxy's most powerful Force-users clashed, one side seeking to sabotage the weapon from the inside... while the other fed on the suffering and death that its presence promised to bring.

Now, the end is nigh; Mercy's superlaser is nearly charged. Ground forces, locked together in a bloody contest now that clear battle lines have blurred and collapsed, seek to evacuate... but struggle to find a way to withdraw without leaving their comrades behind. The intervention fleets punch ever-larger holes in the Maw's defensive screen, with some among them able to score a few hits on the superweapon itself... but it is not yet enough to disable the station, and the Brotherhood fights back, sacrificing everything to protect their ultimate force of destruction. All is chaos, confusion, and bloodshed. The one thing that is certain is uncertainty. The day will either see a costly but heroic defense of the Chiss capital, one that will echo down the ages... or the dawning of a new age, an age of blood, ash, and fear.

With 400 posts completed and 10 writers from the Brotherhood of the Maw involved, the Annihilation of Csilla is valid for judging! A huge thank you to everyone who has participated and made this into a truly epic thread. We're thrilled to have written with you all in the site's first ever Annihilation, and hope that it will open the doors for more such high-stakes stories in the near future! Trust us, it's fun. Go for it. Blow up a planet. You know you want to.

Csilla's fate is still undecided, so your actions continue to matter! The thread will remain open until April 30th, when it will be submitted for judging (thank you and good luck, judges, this is a hefty one). We hope that, in that time, we will be able to write some satisfying conclusions to the many individual stories that have emerged during this thread... while still building towards an uncertain climax. We're excited to see what happens over the next 11 days!

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