Welcome to the Crown Nebula Hotel, the only luxury hotel on Trandosha!


(Note: this picture was taken before the third floor was built IC)
The Crown Nebula Hotel, wholly owned by the Silver Jedi Order, is a boutique luxury hotel, comprising 93 rooms in an oasis of peace and quiet.
Here is the list of facilities the Crown Nebula Hotel features, all operating round-the-clock:
  • 210-seat 5-star restaurant and room service
  • Resto-bar with high-definition 4K video screen, video-pazaak/sabacc machines and 7.1 sound
  • Beauty salon capable of accommodating five clients at a time
  • Free wireless HoloNet access
  • Basement fitness center with indoor spa
  • Outdoor 25m pool
  • Business center, complete with computers, printers, scanners, and even a conference room with a holoprojector
  • Concierge/valet service
  • Free parking
  • Boutique area

Now, on to the rooms. All the rooms have names of their own, and there are two types of rooms. Let's start with the amenities in the Signature Rooms (10 on ground floor, 10 on second floor, 12 on fifth floor):
  • 2 queen beds
  • Non-smoking
  • Complimentary toiletry products, such as towels washed daily
  • Thermostat-controlled HVAC
  • Food conservator
  • Closet
  • 120cm 4K holoscreen with THX 1138 sound and video on demand
  • Jacuzzi
  • Caf machine
  • Mood lighting
  • Double sink
  • Sheet and bedding service
  • Hair and body care equipment
  • Functional executive office with standard computer ports
  • Complimentary welcome kit containing hair care products, caf, stationery and a popcorn bag
The Romance Room will instead feature one king bed, rather than two queen beds, but is otherwise identical to the Signature Room. (20 on the third floor and 12 on the fifth floor)

In addition to the above, the Executive Suites (4 on ground floor, 7 on second floor, 5 on fourth floor) comprise additional amenities:
  • An additional king bed
  • Couches around the holoscreen
  • A separate dining room that can seat six
  • Marble jacuzzi, toilet and double sink
  • Shower separate from jacuzzi
  • Minibar
Finally, the Imperial Suites feature the following, on top of the Executive Suite amenities:
  • A second king bed
  • A formal reception room (in lieu of the dining room)
  • An additional bathroom
  • A walk-in closet
Room names (mentioned in IC threads):
  • Romance Rooms (32):
    • Golden Chances (3F)
    • Rapture Heaven (3F)
    • Faneuil Room (5F)
  • Signature Rooms (32):
    • Campania (1F)
    • Denethor (1F)
    • Fresca Loft (2F)
    • Jade Vault (2F)
    • Melody of Love (2F)
    • Myrtilene (1F)
    • Togoria (2F)
    • White Cooler (1F)
    • Peach Garden (5F)
  • Executive Suites (26):
    • Autumn Hills Suite (2F)
    • Elista Suite (2F)
    • Latrobe Suite (1F)
    • Portabello Suite (1F)
    • Sunwell Suite (2F)
    • Xellum Suite (2F)
    • Yoshinaka Suite (1F)
    • Field of Reeds suite (4F)
  • Imperial Suites (3; 3F, 4F and 6F)