Hello and welcome to the first installment of, "Monstrous Villains and Where to Find Them." This blog series will contain characters that I do not have the time or energy to write. However, I would still love to seem them written. To that end, all characters posted in this series will be open for the general public to roleplay. You don't need permission, or guidelines. There are only two rules: (1) Don't kill 'em off in the first thread and (2) if you want to tell me about what you've done with the character please post updates on the relevant blog entry in the comment section and I will edit the page to reflect what you've done with the character.
So without further ado, here is our first villain:

NAME: Croon
SPECIES: Rhak-Skuri
AGE: 302
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 2.6 meters
WEIGHT: 270 kilograms
EYES: Glowing red
CHITIN: Blue-black carapace, grey underbelly
+Hallucinogens: secretes a fluid rich in pheromones that causes terrifying hallucinations.
+Acid Slaver: can spew a stream of corrosive acid from her mouth.
+Hooked legs: can cut through flesh and cloth.
+Tail: Croon has a two pronged tail with pincers.
+Carapace: Lightsaber resistant carapace.
+Telepathy: communicates via telepathy
-Ignorant: though sapient, Croon lacks awareness of most things one would consider common knowledge to an average human, though she is considerably more intelligent than a rancor or a Terentatek.
-Opposable Thumbs: Croon cannot fly starships, pilot speeders, or use almost any form of technology.
-Bound: Croon is bound to serve the Dark Side and is a servant of those who exhibit the most power in such area.
Mandibles, barbs, pincers, insect, horrifying.
She communicates via telepathy, has no regard for weakness, enjoys long walks on the beach and in her spare time preys upon the helpless.
Once upon a time a Sith Lord experimented with the Diplura insects and created what are now known as the Rhak-Skuri. Croon is a descendant of one of those vile creations. Previously, Croon resided under the Cauldron in the Lords of the Fringe. In the death throes of the Fringe, Croon was transported to the Spires of Hell. However, it is rumored she stowed away on a cargo ship bound for the core. Her current location is unknown.
On an unrelated note, many of Coruscant's level 1313 homeless have gone missing.