Name: Creia Xiao
Loyalties: GUIDE
Role: Pathfinder Trainer
Development Threads: N/A
Age: 43
Species: Human {Atrisian Descent}
Appearance: Relatively unremarkable, Creia Xiao is of average height and athletic build. With a mostly shaved head and a muscular physique even in her armor she has been called intimidating and manly by her male students. She also proudly displays the scar down her neck where a Starweird almost took her life. She also bears tattoos resembling those from the various criminal organizations of Atrisia, a green and red serpent down her back.
Personality: Despite her rough training and poor upbringing Creia is not a hard-ass and is in fact a very happy go lucky spirit. It is as if the spirit of exploration resides in her. Because of this she puts all her experience and all of her feelings into training new GUIDE Pathfinders. Creia is also affectionately called Mum by many of the younger GUIDE Pathfinders (as most Pathfinders actually never learned under her as she is relatively new in her position).
Force Sensitivity: No
Weapon of Choice: Blaster Pistol
  • Map Making
  • Map Reading
  • Survival Skills
  • Military Training
  • Shooting
  • Navigation
  • Astrogation
  • Language Learning {Knows or understands a dozen languages fluently}
  • Basic
  • Atrisian
  • Mando'a
  • Rodian
  • Huttesse
  • Bothese
  • Dressellese
  • Twi'leki
  • Togruti
  • Yuuzhan Vong
  • Binary
  • Shyriiwook
  • Tusken
  • Arenzebite Language

Wealth: While not personally wealthy, she does make a good living for herself. Her room and board is mostly paid for due to the fact that she lives on the Beacon of Broadcast, GUIDE's mobile HQ.
Combat Function: As she was trained as a Stormtrooper for the Atrisian military her combat functions are variable. She can function as a sniper, assault trooper or even simply a guard. However, as GUIDE is a non-militant group most of her "function" would be escape and evasion from the critters of the Galaxy.
Notable Possessions: Husband's wedding band.
History: Trained as an Atrisian Stormtrooper for the Atrisian Empire, Creia lived most of her pre-military life on her homeworld of Atrisia. She grew up poor but through perseverance and a little luck was able to apply to and get in to the Atrisian Naval Academy where she trained for several years before becoming a Stormtrooper. She served her planet faithfully for years, traveling across the Galaxy in skirmishes and small wars as for a time the Atrisian Empire were allies with the Republic. However when the Royal Family began to crumble from Sith influence she along with several other Stormtroopers fled the ensuing Civil War. They became mercenaries, fighting for whoever paid the most credits. At times it was the Republic, others the Sith Empire or Omega Protectorate, forcing her to learn several languages. Eventually the small band of Stormtroopers gone Mercenary left just her with the others either dead or retired. But she couldn't get enough of exploring the Galaxy. She always wanted to know more, and so she hung up her armor and began her life as a Spacer. With her knack for learning languages she was easily able to traverse even the most remote worlds.
She partied on Zeltros, arm wrestled a Mandalorian in Keldabe, hunted in the Shadowlands and dove deep beneath the frozen Oceans of Arenzeb. Eventually the explorer was approached via Holomail pondering if she wanted a job doing what she loved. She took it immediately and never looked back. Joining GUIDE was the best thing that could have happened to her. There she met her husband, started a family of explorers and all was well. Unfortunately her exploring days were cut short when during Hyperspace her ship was attacked by Starweirds. Her family was slaughtered and she was barely left alive. The details were kept under wraps by GUIDE so as not to put their growing numbers at risk, but Lea told anyone who asked to the dismay of certain shareholders. She lost both her legs in the attack as well as her family and decided it was time to put down the map.
Before she could leave though she was offered a new position. Senior GUIDE Pathfinder. She was to train the growing number of Pathfinders and keep track loosely of the Pathfinders deployed. She mostly stayed on the Beacon of Broadcast, GUIDE's flagship and mobile HQ, but sometimes she finds herself giving guest lectures at the Levantine Astronautical Academy and Coruscant University. As a gift to a dear friend Magdalena herself commissioned a pair of sturdy cybernetic legs so that Creia could return to the field. Having grown comfortable in her new role she does spend a lot of time on the Beacon of Broadcast, but will venture off the ship to accompany Magda on field missions.
Intent: To create an interesting character for the members of GUIDE to interact with/learn from