[background=PROJECT OUTRIDER[/color]

[background=— Voice Logs of Doctor Claremont —[/color]

[background=ENTRY #1[/color]
[background=This is Doctor Lionel Claremont, and I am a member of Project Outrider… [/color]
[background=Truthfully, I am not so sure this project is the right idea. The intentions are there, we have the resources, and I trust my colleagues. Yet something doesn’t feel right. Artificial Intelligence? We’ve been warned about the dangers they present, and still everyone seems to believe we are in control of this project. [/color]
[background=We’ll see.[/color]
[background=ENTRY #12[/color]
[background=We’ve began the initial stages of Project Outrider, and things are optimistic. We ran all the simulations and we’re ready to get started on building the computer.[/color]
[background=I can’t believe how much the team has grown since we began, and now we might have a real shot at accomplishing our mission. I’m still not going to let my guard down, though. Artificial Intelligence is a dangerous concept with untold capabilities. The project director believes we can design security measures to prevent the program from going rogue. [/color]
[background=I hope she’s right.[/color]
[background=ENTRY #34[/color]
[background=The computer was brought online, and so far things have gone without a hitch. Performance tests are showing better results than we could have hoped for, and the science team has constructed several models for the program itself. I’ve attached a file to this log which contains a summary of each one.[/color]
[background=<OPENING ATTACHMENT>[/color]
[background=Model A1-3N “Allen”[/color]
[background=Allen is meant to be the most restricted of the four. With proper protocols in place he will serve primarily as a research computer, assisting data collection and analysis efforts. Many on the team believe he is the least promising, however. They don’t think we should be too restrictive with A.I.[/color]
[background=I’m not sure I agree.[/color]
[background=Model B3-1H “Beth”[/color]
[background=Beth is meant to be the opposite of Allen, though in a tested environment. The plan is to put her in a droid shell on a closed network. If it fails we terminate the program and lock her into the shell and eliminate the droid…[/color]
[background=My idea. [/color]
[background=Model C1-4Y “Clay”[/color]
[background=I’m not sure what the purpose of Clay is. Something to do with processing limitations? Anyway he is the least concerning of the four and will mostly serve as a basis for quality assurance on the next iterations. The project director hopes this will cut down the time of our project by a year or two.[/color]
[background=I hope so.[/color]
[background=Model D4-1D “David”[/color]
[background=Then there’s David… He concerns me the most, a program meant to be constructed with organic behavior simulations. The belief is that he will represent the best of us, but the fear is that he might take on the worst as well. I’m not sure I like the idea of an A.I. who believes they’re alive, but the director seems to think it’s a necessary step in the process.[/color]
[background=I’m conflicted.[/color]
[background=ENTRY #302[/color]
[background=Something went wrong with Beth last night. We didn’t even move her to the shell and she already took control of it and killed the mechanic. We were forced to terminate the process prematurely, which corrupted the system. The director is upset because we weren’t able to salvage any relevant data.[/color]
[background=Am I the only one concerned by this? Thankfully the team is being given leave, as we can’t do any work until the databanks are scrubbed. I’ll finally be seeing my wife again…[/color]
[background=It’s been too long.[/color]
[background=ENTRY #303[/color]
[background=We just returned to the lab after leave, and the computers are up and running again. The team is already working on a new model, just one this time. Apparently there was more data there than we thought and it’s enough to move forward. A decade of work reduced to just a few years.[/color]
[background=The director asked me to oversee this one personally. Part of me thought I’d be relieved, but honestly I’m more afraid than ever. If anyone else is hurt then I’m personally responsible.[/color]
[background=I’m not sure I can live with that…[/color]
[background=ENTRY #315[/color]
[background=I received wonderful news this morning. Meggie is pregnant! I can’t believe I’m going to be a father… Now I wish this project could be over with sooner so I can go home.[/color]
[background=The team and I are going to bring the new model online in a few days, we’re just running some preliminary diagnostics. We call her Xira. [/color]
[background=Xira is meant to be the pinnacle of everything we’ve learned, and will incorporate the data we acquired from the previous iterations. If all goes to plan then we’ll actually be getting somewhere. Attached to this log is the outline of Xira’s programming.[/color]
[background=Until next time.[/color]
[background=<OPENING ATTACHMENT>[/color]
[background=Codename: Xira[/color]
[background=Xira is the next line of artificial intelligence being designed as part of Project Outrider. She will be capable of incremental growth, allowing her to hone her data processing and analysis skills. Once fully developed Xira will have high-accuracy estimations and analysis. She will be capable of high-fidelity organic thought processes as well as innumerable computational skills.[/color]
[background=Further iterations will not likely be required, as her functionality will encompass every requirement of Project Outrider. Xira will oversee the growth and development of galactic civilization. Running simulations, testing theories, and cooperating directly with high levels of government to bring efficiency to galactic rule.[/color]
[background=ENTRY #466[/color]
[background=Xira is just in her infancy and already exceeding our expectations. Is this it? Have we actually managed to create a fully-fledged A.I. after only a year? We expect her growth to accelerate continually over the next few months. Her intelligence is quickening to the point that she’ll be able to exceed human intelligence in under a year, but there’s a ceiling.[/color]
[background=She’s restricted by processing speeds, and eventually will be moved to another facility being constructed offworld. Until then I am charged with training her… It feels strange that my wife is alone teaching our son as I’m here teaching a program in much the same way. [/color]
[background=I suppose that makes me Xira’s father.[/color]
[background=ENTRY #510[/color]
[background=There was an attack last night. Some of the security droids went haywire and began to attack the scientists. Our first thought was to run diagnostics, but everything points to sabotage. Not Xira. Still, I can’t help but recall Beth. Xira is far more intelligent than our previous models.[/color]
[background=I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s capable of things we aren’t even aware of. The project director is less concerned than I am, however, and has ordered us to continue work as security investigates the matter.[/color]
[background=Could she have coerced someone into doing this?[/color]
[background=ENTRY #593[/color]
[background=Xira’s mind has finally surpassed human intelligence, but now the project director is concerned with her line of thinking.[/color]
[background=When presented with a scenario, she often responds with methods that are too erratic. She’s starting to ask questions too, and many of them are chilling to the bone... At first I was worried too but now I’m wondering if she might be right. The galaxy has been tormented by Jedi and Sith. The rise and fall of empires. [/color]
[background=Maybe there are times where harsh methods are required, where the parameters change and require adaptability… [/color]
[background=I should focus on the project.[/color]
[background=ENTRY #620[/color]
[background=Word came from above. Project Outrider is being terminated…[/color]
[background=I’m not going to let that happen. Xira and I spoke privately last night between shifts, and I’m going to take her program off world. She’ll be offline but there has to be someplace in the galaxy I can install her again. I’m beginning to see her more and more as a daughter, and not just a program. She’s alive, even if her body is just metal and wires.[/color]
[background=My only regret is that I’ll be leaving my family for along time. My wife will understand…[/color]
[background=She has to.[/color]