As with all building projects when creating a monster you need to begin with a good foundation for the desired effect. This is likely the most important part of the process. Ideally obe would have in mind the kind of Monster you wish to make first as not knowing can lead to disaster and failure. The specimen chosen to make any monster should ideally have as many of the desired qualities of the final product as possible but an extremely pliable specimen can be your best secondary choice. For instance if you want to make a killer it is best to choose your beginning specimen or template from an environment where killing is most prevalent. Hunting aocieties, warrior peoples, even slaves in the possession of brutal masters see killing and death so regularly that the concept is as easy to understand as making a meal or sleeping. However, this kind of creature will be more brutal and overtly violent in many cases whereas a template chosen for its ability to conceal itself would produce a more refined killer that relies on opportunity and concealment to take lives.

Next once you've decided what kind of monster and the place to seek them you begin the actual selection process. For this you have to have a great deal of patience and attention to detail. Watch the potential template carefully for potentially positive and negative qualities that can be useful or detrimental. The most prized monsters can have a horde of detrimental qualities but the manipulation of those qualities is the most important thing and as stated to properly manipulate the qualities you need to understand them. Be mindful of the templates attitudes and feelings. A strong willed individual can still be manipulated without being broken, where as a weak willed template will never be of use for anything but menial task. To control a strong will is not to break the will but to guide it into agreement with your own will. If the template becomes broken you have wasted it and a new suitable one must be found. In many cases Kiffar and Mandalorian born persons are some of the steongest willed individuals along with children of certain cultures where determination is a common trait. Always resist the urge to choose the most physically powerful template. Physical prowess is vital for some creations but the real monsters are usually the most intelligent.

Continue to observe the template for a tume and note any attachments or strong desires. If you can find their attaxhments or desires and control it, then you have just found the base of your manipulation. The template that has no fear, hopes, attachments, or strong desires is difficult to properly manipulate. If you are faced with only the choice of a subject without fears, hopes, attachments ect, then you will have to create them and control it. Moving along....

Once you have the template scouted the time for bringing it in has come. Now depending on the creator and the template this process can be as simple as purchasing a slave or as complex as building a lasting friendship and manipulating the template slowly over many years. It is said that Darth Sidious took nearly 10 years to turn a slave child into Darth Vader and this would be a nearly perfect example of how to create a Monster.

Next time, The Manipulation of Hopes and fears.