[background=I’ve spent a lot of time fighting sith, too much perhaps. Fought them in wars, in duels and in my own head. Spent some time in their capture, mentally and physically tormented. Days I will never forget, days that once were always there when I looked over my shoulder.[/size]

[background=Not anymore.[/size]

[background=Death gives you a touch of clarity. When you’re dead, you no longer looking over your shoulder, you simply look forward. In my case I had a choice; let go or come back and try again. Not everyone gets that choice, I only had that choice because of a sith.[/size]

[background=Most of my life events have been a result of a sith somewhere. My death included. I still hate them, I always will. That kinda hate never leaves you, but it can manifest in different ways. I used to run with it, charge with it, hit with it, but rash actions landed me in a grave. I have the knowledge of a 400 year old whipid rattling round in my head, its past time I utilized some of it.[/size]
[background=Sith are driven by goals, some personal, some united, but the ultimate outcome is the same: Power and Knowledge. They are lured by them. Time to change the game, time to bring the sith to me….[/size]


[background=There are a lot of AI’s out there, some are built to control, some to defend, some to attack and some are just...aide’s. An extra pair of eyes and sensors with a voice. I spent a fair few years of my youth digging around in droid brains to know my way around artificial intelligence well enough, never mind the fact that Galeth is a genius with tech himself, you learn a lot spending time round a man like that.[/size]

[background=I know what it needs to be. It needs to be self learning, adaptable. It needs to be self sufficient and capable of defending itself against slicing long enough for failsafes to be remotely activated. Having each one connected will only lead to it being easily traced, so each copy will have to be separate and independent of each other. I could manually download data and upload information into each copy so they can crossover information, but it will be time consuming...not that I’m short of time these days.[/size]

[background=I just...I wasted so much time before, chasing ghosts… wayii when did i suddenly get so old. Maybe its Velok rubbing off on me…[/size]

[background=There is a disturbing thought, if ever I had one.[/size]


[background=What do I want this thing to do? Control a facility, act as the prison warden of unsuspecting folk, essentially. But it could be so much more…[/size]

[background=I wonder…[/size]

[background=If its self learning, and adaptable it can do almost anything, theoretically. [/size]

[background=Primary functions: Operate facilities based on command. If the facility is breached, its first port of call will be to raise the alarm, the second, will be to occupy the intruder. Plenty of tools to do that. How it chooses to occupy them will depend on the intruder and its actions, so…[/size]

[background=Learn, grow, adapt.[/size]

[background=Would the same rules apply in a ship?[/size]

[background=Primary functions: Operate facilities based on commands. Voice commands. Remote commands…[/size]

[background=It could work. It should work.[/size]

[background=Feth that, it will work.[/size]

[background=Priority Functions: [/size]

[background=Obedience to Mia Monroe[/size]
[background=Obedience to Galeth Hennst[/size]
[background=Preservation of life forms within jurisdiction[/size]
[background=Secure intruders[/size]


[background=I’m not much of a slicer, I like working with hardware better than software, give me the motherboard of a droid to fix and i can do it, no problems. Land a load of binary in my lap and we start having issues. Don’t misunderstand me, I can read it, I can even translate it. But I can’t explain it. It works, therefore is it. The how and the why don’t matter to me, not normally anyway.[/size]

[background=Still the matter of slicing needed to be looked at. This programme is not hugely powerful, its not meant to. I’m not placing the lives of thousands in its control. So I’m expecting it to be easily overcome by a powerful AI. By a slicer though? You don’t date a man like him and write a programme that can’t resist a slicer. [/size]

[background=I tested it against him, again and again. Improving failsafes, increasing firewalls. All it needs is 15 mins. That’s time enough for it to raise an alert, and for me to get in and lock it down. It being the facility or the AI itself, depending on the circumstances.[/size]

[background=There will only be a few copies of this, generated as and when needed. I’m not even sure there will be more than two. Not unless I start setting up these places all over the galaxy, and while that's not necessarily a bad idea, there is a thing called overkill. Too much of a good thing can’t spoil it. Flaws are easier to find when you see or use something for a long time.[/size]

[background=I contemplated creating one to move with. Seems like have a bluebird on your shoulder is the done thing these days, but I trust my senses more than I trust an AI, even if I’m its creator. No bluebird for me. Help on a ship? Hell everyone could use that, so why not.[/size]


[background=I thought about personalities. About appearances. Is it wrong that the first person to come to mind was Velok? Who loved to manipulate things better than he? And what better way to send a sith’s mind reeling that greeting them with the most knowledgeable sith to have walked the galaxy in our time. I’d be lying if the concept didn’t amuse me. But then I thought of [redacted] and how he’d react if a Velok hologram popped up on a ship and started talking to him.
[background=So I’ve uploaded multiple personalities, multiple faces. Let the A.I chose as it sees fit. Maybe it’ll reach the same conclusion as me and play games with those who played games with me and mine for so long.[/size]