[background=FOR101 - Meditation and Channeling - Overview of how an individual attunes themselves with the Force. Includes concepts such as centering, attunement with environment, and emotionally fueled Force Use as well as the philosophy and functionality of different approaches to accessing the Force.[/font]
[background=FOR102 - Ethics of Force Use - Explores ethical implications of using the Force in everyday circumstances, using examples of interactions by Force Users with Non Force Users in history as well as modern politics. Focuses on point of view and methodology of common Jedi and Sith philosophies. [/font]
[background=FOR 190 - Fundamentals of Force Use - Teaches Sense, Control, Alter methodology, and grounds students in basic manipulations of the Force such as enhancing physical speed, perceiving emotions, and push/pull telekinesis. [/font]
[background=FOR 221 - Physical Reinforcement - Control concepts relating to pushing the physical body to and exceeding its limits, through techniques such as the Art of Movement, Tapas, Force Body, and recovery trance. Culminates with an Alchaka final exam. [/font]
[background=FOR 247 - Intermediate Perception - Sense concepts that increase ability to gather information, such as enhancing hearing, scent and seeing while blinded. [/font]
[background=FOR 261 - Basic Telekinesis - Refine ability telekinetic ability beyond simple push/pull, delving into controlled applications of small objects and object manipulation.[/font]
[background=FOR 273 - Mental Suggestion - Teaches basics of common sentient brain functionality and psychology, the ability of the Force to aid in suggestion or persuasion, and the biological, ethical, and cultural implications associated. [/font]
[background=FOR 324 - Poison Control - Discusses a variety of different common poisons and how a Force User can deal with them effectively. Explores techniques such as Breath Control and Detoxify Poison.[/font]
[background=FOR 329 - Environmental Navigation - Prepares students to maneuver quickly and safely through a number of different environments while pursuing high value targets, or alternatively evading capture.[/font]

[background=FOR 330 - Environmental Navigation Lab - Practical testing and training on avoiding and moving around a variety of obstacles to achieve differing goals. [/font]
[background=FOR 341 - Investigation for Force Users - Overview of Force and Forceless based techniques to accurately associate people, places, events, and objects in order to establish legal and ethical reasoning to assign criminal or political fault.[/font]
[background=FOR 351 (Also PHL 351) - Jedi Philosophy - Delves into the philosophy of the Jedi Order in the Pre-Gulag era, such as the Living Force, the Cosmic Force and the Unifying Force.[/font]
[background=FOR 357 (Also PHL 357) - Sith Philosophy - Delves into the Philosophy of various Pre-Gulag Sith organizations, looking into concepts such as the Rule of Two, the Rule of One, and the Sith’ari.[/font]
[background=FOR 422 - Force Defenses - Exploration of Force Techniques to defend a creature from physical harm, mental manipulation, and metaphysical influence. Explores concepts such as tutaminis and Force Barrier[/font]
[background=FOR 430 - Capstone I - Students pair with a professor and/or government/organization to assist with an academic year long mission or project that will test the breadth of their abilities.[/font]
[background=FOR 431 - Capstone II - Continuation of project/mission from FOR 431.[/font]
[background=FOR 447 - Force Based Combat - Overview of emergence and how it pertains to Force User v Force User combat; tactical and methodical ways to integrate a breadth of Force talents and saber skills with concinnity.[/font]
[background=BLD101 - Introduction to Lightsabers - Addresses the functionality of the common lightsaber. Discusses the lightsaber’s historical and cultural development and significance. Begin training physical concepts such spacing, footwork, and cutting techniques. Physical fitness regimen required. Training saber provided. [/font]
[background=BLD115 - Basic Blaster Deflection - Basic physics of blaster bolt trajectory, analysis of common blaster techniques, and methodology in protecting yourself and others from harm.[/font]
[background=BLD 201 - Introduction to Lightsaber Forms - Introduction to classical lightsaber forms Shii-Cho, Makashi and Soresu, with emphasis on functionality of each. Discusses history of lightsaber combat. Sparring Required.[/font]
[background=BLD 202 - Introduction to Lightsaber Forms II - Introduction to classical lightsaber forms Ataru, Shien, and Niman, with emphasis on functionality of each. Further discusses history of lightsaber combat. Sparring required. [/font]
[background=BLD 30(1-6) - Shii-Cho/Makashi/Soresu/Ataru/Shien/Niman I - Explores Fundamentals of (form), refines techniques, and teaches how to capitalize on (forms) strengths. [/font]
[background=BLD 310 - Form Level I Lab - Weekly graded sparring sessions to give students practical experience in high stress situations. [/font]