[background=126 hrs[/font]
[background=General Education requirement(36 Hours)[/font]
[background=Every student at Orboa-Skai University, the parent university to Wyyrlok-Solusar College, is required to complete a core course load in order to establish base values and skills associated with higher learning. These skills are: Basic Galactic Communication; Ability to engage with questions of value, ethics, and the arts; ability to analyze situations scientifically, and ability to be engaged with questions of social, political, and economic basics with historical context and reference. Bolded classes are required. [/font]

[background=Communication(6 Hrs)[/font]
[background=GB 101[/font][background= - Fundamentals of Galactic Basic[/font]
[background=GB 102[/font][background= - Galactic Basic Writing[/font]

[background=Humanities and Fine Arts(9Hrs)[/font]
[background=FOR 102 [/font][background=- Ethics of Force Use (Also counts as PHL102, Intro to Ethics, for those looking for a Philosophy Minor)[/font]
[background=Any Art Introduction Class[/font]
[background=GB 201- Intro to Literature[/font]
[background=Any Foreign Language[/font]
[background=PHL101 - Intro to Philosophy[/font]
[background=PHL105 - Introduction to Non-Human Studies[/font]
[background=OR [/font]
[background=PHL109 - Introduction to Gender Studies[/font]

[background=Natural Sciences(12 Hrs)[/font]
[background=MA 123[/font][background=- Intro to Calculus[/font]
[background=PHY 110 [/font][background=- Intro to Physics[/font]
[background=PHY 111[/font][background= - Intro to Physics Lab[/font]
[background=CH 101 - Intro to Chemistry +[/font]
[background=CH 102 - Intro to Chemistry Lab[/font]
[background=BIO 101 - Intro to Biology +[/font]
[background=BIO 102 - Intro to Biology Lab[/font]
[background=PHY 112 - Intermediate General Physics + [/font]
[background=PHY 113 - Intermediate Physics Lab[/font]

[background=History and Social/Behavioral Sciences(9 Hrs)[/font]
[background=HY 101 [/font][background=- Intro to Galactic History[/font]
[background=PSC 115 [/font][background=- Intro to Galactic Politics[/font]
[background=One classes of[/font]
[background=An Additional History Course(up to 1)[/font]
[background=PSY 101 - Intro to Psychology[/font]
[background=SOC 101 - Intro to Sociology[/font]
[background=PSC 10# - Intro to (Current Major Faction) Politics[/font]
[background=ECN 101 - Intro to Galactic Economics[/font]
[background=ECN 112 - Intro to Planetary Economics[/font]

[background=Force Coursework(44 hrs)[/font]
[background=Every Force College Student is taught to have a competency in core Force concepts and applications, as well as possess a basic understanding of the philosophical differences in the most prevalent Force-Based Organizations of the modern galaxy. [/font]

[background=FOR 101 - Meditation and Centering[/font]
[background=FOR 190 - Fundamentals of Force Use[/font]
[background=FOR 221 - Physical Reinforcement [/font]
[background=FOR 247 - Intermediate Perception[/font]
[background=FOR 261 - Basic Telekinesis[/font]
[background=FOR 273 - Mental Suggestion[/font]
[background=FOR 324 - Poison Control[/font]
[background=FOR 329 - Environmental Navigation[/font]
[background=FOR 330 - Environmental Navigation Lab [/font]
[background=FOR 341 - Investigation for Force Users[/font]
[background=FOR 351 (Also PHL 351) - Jedi Philosophy [/font]
[background=FOR 357 (Also PHL 357) - Sith Philosophy[/font]
[background=FOR 422 - Force Defenses [/font]
[background=FOR 430 - Capstone I [/font]
[background=FOR 431 - Capstone II[/font]
[background=FOR 447 - Force Based Combat[/font]

[background=Lightsaber Coursework(20 hrs)[/font]
The Lightsaber, while not the be-all end-all weapon it is often thought of, is an extremely useful tool and weapon with a variety of uses. Every Force User taught at Wyyrlok Solusar shall have an understanding of it's basic functionality to make an informed decision on how to wield and counter it's usage.

[background=BLD 101 - Intro to Lightsaber Use[/font]
[background=BLD 115 - Basic Blaster Deflection[/font]
[background=BLD 201 - Intro to Lightsaber Forms[/font]
[background=BLD 202 - Intro to Lightsaber Forms II[/font]
[background=BLD 30# - Shii-Cho/Makashi/Soresu/Ataru/Shien/Niman I[/font]
[background=BLD 31# - Shii-Cho/Makashi/Soresu/Ataru/Shien/Niman II[/font]

[background=Professional Elective(9 hrs)[/font]
All students at Wyyrlok-Solusar are encouraged to take three classes that do not pertain to the study of FOrce Use or Lightsaber work in order to round out their talents, make them more attractive to a variety of employers, and find new avenues for applying the Force in everyday life. Some students obtain a philosophy minor, take piloting classes, others gain chemistry and biology knowledge to supplement healing or alchemy, while still others take classes in droid manufacturing and programming. Find something that interests you, and go for ti.

[background=Specialization Electives(15 Hrs)[/font]
[background=All students take 5 specialization courses to deepen their knowledge of particular subjects they are intrigued by. Each class must be 300 level or above, at least one must be a FOR class, and at least one must be a BLD class, but otherwise the student may pursue any concentration in the Force or Bladework they desire. [/font]