The hour of reckoning draws near. Swaddled in the center of the Brotherhood fleet, a dread child soon to be born from this dark womb, lies the instrument of annihilation: the planet killer, "Mercy". As yet untested, the superweapon hungers for destruction. With no fewer than seven mighty militaries descending on Csilla, along with a bevy of warbands, independent warriors, and hangers-on, it shall certainly feast no matter the outcome. To see such a weapon in the hands of madmen and zealots has filled the governments of known space with fear, and they shall answer its violence with overwhelming violence of their own.

Even as armies prepare to clash upon Csilla's surface and great fleets plot their maneuvers in the space above it, powerful Force-warriors from half a dozen major powers have prepared a bold plan of their own: to board the "Mercy" itself, duel the greatest of the Maw's dark adepts, and perhaps sway the tide of battle. A far smaller weapon than the Death Star before it, the battle station could conceivably be disabled from the inside by a sufficiently skilled and determined force. But these brave warriors are walking into the rancor's den... or perhaps between its teeth. The Dark Side is strong aboard "Mercy", and the Dark Voice itself lurks there.

And so on three fronts - land, space, and the station above - shall the fate of Csilla be decided.