The Assembly gathered in their pods, sycophants and grovelers with more power than they deserved. Each granted their worlds from the fundamental strength of their will, the backing of their peers, or the slimy and disgusting politicing befitting leeches sucking blood from the strength of the Empire. At the center of their stares, their discussion, sat the Dread Emperor, the Dead God, Darth Empyrean. Around him were his loyal enforcers, the Legates of the First Legion, Gerwald Lechner, his Wrath, and Srina Talon , his Empress and beloved.​
Slowly, the Emperor stood. The room ran cold and quiet as his let his presence wash over it - causing the red flames to flicker in their basins. For dramatic effect, either or purpose or not, the room flickered into darkness as the Dark Lord stood and watched him. The cloud that had become the organs of his body swirled and pressed itself into the shape of a hand that lifted clenched into a fist - demanding their attention now, not simply asking for it.​
"The Revolution against destiny continues, and it is by my hand that our war efforts have pressed further into the galaxy. The Rimward Trade League lies dead before my feet, and the Mors Mons now trudges through their bereft nation taking prisoners where they surrender, and corpses where they will not. For all their pride and strength, it will be our Order that raises their children - for they will succumb to the death they are owed."​
A cheer raised in response. Empyrean allowed it, but for a moment - then silenced them once more.​
"As worlds break at our approach, as would be despots crawl on their hands and knees to see us become their overlords, we come to another evolution in our administration. It has become too blatant that my time away from Jutrand has served to weaken our solidarity against intergalactic metaphysical forces. Many of you have factionalized in spite of my will - and I will see that undone in time. Consider this warning carefully, Sith.", he said with a growl.​
"With this in mind, my conquests draw me further from home. In my place, the formal formation of the Dark Council will proceed - and for the next few weeks, I shall here arguments and considerations for who shall rise to rule in my stead, as an august body to our Order. Three of you shall become my avatars on Jutrand, in our Empire, in my abscence. Only three. Discuss among yourselves - come to me when you have decided on who."​
"Let me state clearly, I will only claim the three most influential, the most deserving. Cojole, deal, or challenge your fellow Sith for their loyalty. When you hold a seat in my name, you will be tested - and I will not have cowards or the weak to hold my authority. Ensure your position is secure... then come to speak to me.", he said with a furrow of his corpse brow.​
"Begin your discussion."​