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Manufacturer: UH Industries
Material: Durasteel, Xonolite,
Maximum Speed rating: 16
Acceleration rating: 8
Manoeuvrability rating: 10
Air Brake Rating: 3
Boost Rating: 6
Collision Rating: 7
Cooling Rating: 3
Total rating: 53
Strengths: (Provide, in list format, a minimum of 1 strength of this submission.)
  • Generally Balanced
  • Very Fast
Weaknesses: (Provide, in list format, a minimum of 1 weaknesses of this submission.)
  • Runs Hot
  • Bad Braking
Type of engine: UH-2014A Turbines
Secret Weapons: 2 Pod Module mounted Medium Laser Cannons, mine deployer,
Special Features and Components: 30 Stragically placed CTAE Energy Shields to deflect enemy attacks.
Paint Scheme: White, Black, and Blue according to the above picture.
Size of Engines: 3m Long 1.5m wide
Size of Cockpit: 2.2m
Distance from engines to cockpit: 7m
Sponsor: Titan Industries
Description: The Corellian Pride is podracer using prototype parts from Titan Industries UH-Line of podracing parts. Its UH-2014A Turbines focus its power to deliver continuous maximum speed. The H.A.M.S. systems alow for greater lift and steering while the UH-500GT Engine Modules deliver nearly 3500 HP. The turbines combined with the engine modules allow it to go from 0-625 in less than 40 seconds, and it can decelerate down to 0 is another 15 seconds. UH-3X pod module sports dual laser cannons, and an automatic aiming system, meanaing it can shoot incoming debries to pieces, along with enemy pods. The pod module also houses a comfortable gel seat for the longer races, as well as crashes.

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