Earlier today, the Foreign Ministry of the First Order released portions of a treaty that purported to place authority over the Corellian Trade Spine, and numerous other major hyperlanes, exclusively to the control of the First Order Navy.
The right of all people to conduct safe passage in interstellar space is a fundamental principle of alien spaceflight that has been recognized since the earliest Republic. Hyperlanes belong to no government but exist for the freedom of navigation of all sapient people, regardless of geo-political origin or affiliation.
The Corellia Digital Corporation will continue to operate its commercial shipping and freight activities along the Corellian Trade Spine and Hylian Way in accordance with the long-standing principles of interstellar law and consistent with the established interstellar norms of transit in open space. We recognize no authority of the First Order to regulate traffic, impose tariffs, or otherwise impose its will outside of the local, specified systems that it directly controls.
Corellia Digital remains committed to respecting the local laws of the specified systems that we operate in, consistent with the norms of interstellar law.
All of us at Corellia Digital extend our support to Coruscant First, and all local governments whose voices have been summarily silenced and spoken for by the First Order and the Sith Empire by this accord.