Well,I'm sitting here writing this and I'm asking myself one question. Why in the the krif am I writing this? Well it might be just to relive the glory days,when I was a Commando in the Republic or maybe just to get things off of my chest or give something to my future children in the event that I leave this galaxy. Well might as well start with my name,my name is Noah Corek or Noah Corbulo Corek V. I was born and raised on the mid-levels of Courscant,my father was a Commando and my mother was a nurse and I'm also the oldest of three siblings,my siblings being Flint (20) and Asha (25). At the age of 14 I enrolled in Courscanti Youth Military Academy or CYMA for short. After attending it for three years,I enlisted at the age of 17,after going through basic I went through a voluntary RSFU training course for commandos. I was told that I passed the course with flying colors and top marks in Sword Combat,Heavy Weapons,Infiltration and Sniping,my instructor saying that he had never seen higher marks anywhere. After that I served with the Republic 2nd Commando Battalion,5th Special Combat Combat Company,2nd "Raider" Company,Third "Mako" Squadron.