---DESTINATION: Adron Malvern ---


Exarch, I am writing to you on behalf of the Planetary Administration of Scarif, the People of Scarif and the wider Citizenry of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

In the wake of CIS FIRST, the guiding and overarching principle through which we have governed our domestic and foreign policy this last year (Galactic Standard), we have seen a great many instances of growth, prosperity and renewed affirmation of the core tenets of our noble brotherhood of Planets.

We have counted record numbers in budget surpluses, enhanced vigour in our ability to respond to humanitarian and natural disasters and a renewed sense of kinship amongst the free peoples that call our Confederacy home.

We have seen fit to implement keen and energetic reform in our financial systems, resolving to administer a sharp and definite affirmation in our own ability to govern our own currency, through the proposed Federal Credit.

The Viceroyalty have seen fit to implement effective and decisive overhauls to our infrastructure, approving the creation of Fortress Worlds to protect Citizens from any impending threat from foreign or domestic incursion.

Our military have invested and began a concerted effort to upgrade outdated systems and bring our Fleet and Armies to an enviable position of superiority within the Galactic arena.

It is, however, not lost on me, nor the countless Citizens that enjoy the freedoms and privileges that the Charter of the Confederacy ensures, that we are failing to live up to our moral obligations to the Galactic populace at large.

We have seen great swathes of peoples forced out of their own environs, owing to incursions from foreign and predatory powers, bent on wreaking a wrathful path of destruction and chaos in their wake.

We have seen our Allies forced to defend their homeworlds from jealous rivals, invaders with machinations set upon coveting that which is not theirs by right.

We are compelled, not by edict, but by a moral plenitude, afforded to us so assuredly by our Charter. We see with certainty, as the very stars around us, that the very first principle set down in our mandate for governance is that of the guaranteed right to autonomy.

When CIS FIRST was passed by Executive Order by esteemed Vicelord Darth Metus, the intention was to ensure the integrity of our Confederacy and the safety of the Southern Systems within a wider Galactic framework. It sought to bring a balance to the overstretched and overindulged policy of guaranteeing the rights of our neighbours, at times to the detriment of our own people.

However, we now see truculent and envious forces, marshalled in strength, set to combat the very nature and autonomy of our neighbours; those that enjoy a shared and common set of values.

We are seeing countless refugees, flooding the borders of our Confederacy, systems ill-prepared to handle the compassionate undertaking of asylum and protection.

Article Three of the Executive Order, colloquially and acceptedly termed ‘CIS FIRST’, directly and implicitly imposes restrictions of movement and habitation upon those that reside outside our Confederacy.

The Article, cited herein, details thus:

“The conclusion of unrestricted access to and transit across Confederate space by non-resident or non-corporate entities.”

I implore you to seek an alternative solution to a ‘blanket’ approach to the borders of the Confederacy. The crisis developing on our border is one of countless tragedies.

We see refugees escaping from war-torn battlefields, their own homes decimated with the flick of a switch, countless families rent from their homes with little but the clothes on their backs to shelter them.

We must shelter them. Our moral obligation to uphold the Charter that we live by far outweighs the punitive and protective purpose of the original Order. Whilst we are able to, we must see fit to allow those that are escaping from war, unfairly brought to them by aggressors, to find a new hope within our brotherhood of planets.

Change has indeed come to the Galaxy and we must ensure the protection of those who reside within it.

Those who uphold the key tenets of self-determination and autonomy.

Those that uphold the core belief that, together, we can achieve a greater Confederacy of commonality and consonance, far outweighing the selfish and assiduous resolve of our enemies.

I urge you, as not only a Viceroy charged with the protection of the Confederacy but as a Citizen, charged with the protection of its Charter, to allow for the immediate embargo of Application of Asylum to be lifted.

We must ensure the that the cry of Confederacy is not lost within the chaos of war or self-regarding posturing from those around us.

Yours in brotherhood, selflessness and in Confederacy,

Viceroy Hester Shedo
Viceroy of Scarif


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