Knowledge acquired from this thread.
On the Jakobeast...
"Now when my hunt on Mygeeto is done, I come to add something new perhaps to what is known of both these creatures - the Jakobeast and the Maalraas. Initially, my hunt was for the Jakobeast but the Maalraas ambushed me and my companion during our tracking of the pack of immigrating Jakobeasts.
Tracking the pack was easy, heavy animals leave sturdy tracks upon the snow. Fortunately, there was no wind at the time. Yet what is something unknown to contemporary research, at least not any research I have read, is the Jakobeasts' sleeping time when immigrating. They would cover more and more ground than me due to that. Research has previously noted that they are rather 'normal' in terms of sleeping cycles. Live through the day, sleep through the night. Apparently they had only been researched when the pack had settled.

This one had not.
They had finished all the greens they could find and had moved on...North. An illogical step considering Mygeeto's climate. A theory comes to my mind: Perhaps as a Force-sensitive creature they can sense...where they could live ? Animals always had an instinct to immigrate that was logical with their planet climate and type but these ones went North. Could their horns have an innate ability to which also helps them sense incoming predators ? Acquiring a pair of them, I aim to find that out.
My belief that they did not sleep at all was shattered when I found them prematurely in a crevice within a canyon. They, a pack of 15, had been sleeping for an hour and most were waking up. With what I have found out before, I can only conclude that during immigration the Jakobeasts utilize what we humans know as 'power naps'."
On the Maalraas...
"One of the more well-known predators that roam the galaxy, especially known to Force Users and to us - Mandalorians.. The Maalraas have always been a dangerous predator with claws and teeth that could shred the toughest of hides as I would find out. My left vambrace - a heavily reinforced leather vambrace which I have always had faith in was easily pierced by the creature's teeth.
That is not as interesting as how we came upon the Maalraas.
I had seen the Maalraas inspect a track of the pack of Jakobeasts and they seemed to utilize their Force camouflage ability while doing so. Were they being extremely cautious from other predators who might be stalking the Jakobeasts ? Or a passive behavior while hunting ? These questions sadly remain unanswered.
As we made our way to the tracks left from the Jakobeasts, we were ambushed by the same Maalraas who seemed to have known our presence previously and had lured us into their trap. Four Maalraas. Creatures that were Force Sensitive, did they also have an enhanced Force Sense innate to their sensitivity just like their Force camouflage ability ? I would find out soon. It was an interesting and rather quite smart move by the Maalraas to ambush the predator competing with them for the Jakobeasts before they proceeded with hunting the pack.
During battle, their behavior and moves were highly sophisticated. Moving in to surround me and pin me to a dead end in the canyon but there was not only that. The Maalraas all feinted attacks to judge the range of my reaction and possibly how fast was I. Contrary to popular belief, the Maalraas on Mygeeto were quite patient and calculating."
Entry added.
  • Sleeping cycle while immigrating is completely different than the standard while settled. To cover much more distance for a shorter amount of time, the pack of Jakobeasts 'power napped' every day. Although this was a risky maneuver, it let them get quickly to safe grounds.
  • An innate ability to sense life. The extent - nearby predators and livable land.
  • Mygeeto packs seem to number 15 Jakobeasts. Two elders.
  • Aim to eliminate other predators that aim to compete for the same prey.
  • Those on Mygeeto demonstrate intelligence and patience in battle, unlike their kin on Dxun.
  • Retreat is an option when they realize they cannot win.