Tier 2 to 3 Prereq.

- Attend or host an economic summit
- Defend your company, another company, or a faction from a hostile attack
- Invest in another company or faction
- Train your company's personnel
- Draw up or steal schematics for a new product
- Draw up deals with another corporation or faction
- Provide philanthropic donations, fundraising, or contributions
- Make three mass-produced products in the Factory. (For Tier 2+ and equals to one passive company expansion)
- Make three company operations specific submissions in the Codex. (For Tier 2+ and equals to one passive company expansion)

- Establish another operation for your company
- Establish a sphere of influence on a planet or in a sector
- Establish or help establish a colony
- Establish or help establish a new location
- Participate in a planet's colonization
- Recruit personnel into your company
- Secure investors for your company
- Train another company or faction's personnel
What I need

  • Sign a contract with two other different factions or organizations. (May be NPC).
  • Display growth through two passive expansions of your company.
  • Display growth through one active expansion of your company.
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