She couldn't believe she was actually going to do it. Even the very thought of it made her anxious and terrified, but she had thought about it for more than long enough. Her mind was made up and she wasn't going to back out. It felt right, the time had come for her to do this. It would be the greatest commitment she'd ever tie herself to, but she was ready for it. In what had become daily routine, she opened the drawer of her nightstand and retrieved a small, black box. It was opened, revealing a ring.

Nylea Apollodor was going to propose to Elisea Cathryn Korrado. Her rock, her light, the love of her life.

The two had known each other for some time already. For many years Nylea's feelings for the Avalonian grew but remained kept to herself, until that one day on Makeb. Everything since then had felt like a whirlwind, and the missing pieces in the echani's life fell into place. No longer were guilt and darkness looming over her wherever she went; she had found a way to fight back. She was stronger now, and through that found peace.

But even on days where her thoughts got the better of her, Nylea knew she would be okay. Elisea was there for her, and she was there for Elisea on her bad days. Together they were stronger than on their own. She often wondered how she had ever lived without Elisea by her side. Over the years they had grown closer and closer, and now Nylea was ready to take the next step. She wasn't afraid of commitment anymore.

Elisea had mentioned marriage a few times before. Initially it was too scary for Nylea to even think about, but over time the fear waned. Thoughts would flash by and as time went on, she realized that she was ready, that she, too, wanted this. The proposal ahead of her still made her nervous, but in a good way.

She knew the perfect moment for it, too. The Coronation Ball was only a few days away, and it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make that night even more unforgettable. She only had to keep the secret to herself for a little while longer, until then she would count down the days.

The echani was broken from her thought-induced trance when she heard the front door of the apartment open, causing her to quickly close the ring box, put it back into the drawer, and close that as well. She stood up from the bed and made her way out of the bedroom and into the living room where she saw Elisea, who had left for work only ten minutes earlier.

"Forgot something, love?"